HTC One and Galaxy S4

We've been waiting on U.S. pricing for both the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4, and T-Mobile today became the first operator to do so. T-Mo also confirmed it'll be a launch partner for the Galaxy S4, with a launch slated for May 1.

Both the HTC One and the Galaxy S4 will cost $99 -- as a sort of down payment -- when they're available, T-Mobile said today at an event in New York City, where it announced that those two flagship phones -- along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 -- will be among its first LTE-capable devices. The Galaxy S4 is to be available May 1; the HTC One drops sometime in April.

That pricing comes on a 24-month payment plan, which can be canceled at any time, provided the cost of the phone is paid off.

We took a look at the Galaxy S4 alongside the HTC One recently. Both phones have their merits, and they've both very different when it comes to design. HTC has opted for an all-metal construction, while Samsung's Galaxy S4 is very much like the previous iteration, with molded plastic making up the bulk of the phone.

You'll be able to use the HTC One or Galaxy S4 in any area that has T-Mobile coverage. But as of this writing, only seven cities have T-Mobile's new 4G LTE data.


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T-Mobile's HTC One, Galaxy S4 each will cost just $99


Yea it's a bit of a hook. You pay a cheaper rate for the phone w/o contract BUT you have to pay $X per month based on the phone for two years.

i.e. $17/mo extra for a S3 without contract but if you decide to cancel you have to pay for the remainder of the phone

@l00natic71 it isn't a subsidy. You have the option to pay $99 as a "down payment" and pay the rest of the full-price of the phone in installments. Alternatively, you could pay the entire price of the phone right at the door.

This isn't a subsidy, it's a payment plan to buy a device. The cost of the phone and the cost of the plan are on separate terms, with no contract on either.

Everyone has this sensational headline up today. Just like all deals though, make sure you read the fine print. That $99 is followed by $20 payments for the next 24 months.

But only until you've paid off the phone. Then the $20 goes away. With the other carriers, you continue to pay the subsidized price.

My thoughts exactly - nothing worse than an inaccurate misleading sensationalized headline meant to grab clicks :shakeshead:

These are great opportunities for top of the line handsets in the coming weeks. As well as the 99.00 down for the iphone 5 on April 12. I am sure glad i kicked Verizon to the curb last June if i didn't i wouldn't be a part of this day. 7 launched LTE markets and great deals trust me people will DUMPING VERIZON and AT&T.

They are without subsidies. You buy the device for full price, you buy one of their plans, you're good to go. They're just selling the devices in installment plans to make the cost more agreeable. The nice part about this is once you pay off the phone (or if you bring your own) the price drops.
It doesn't look that impressive as a one phone plan, but if you have a 5 person unlimited family plan it'll save you about $300 a month compared to Sprint.

I believe that $99 is simply a down payment with the rest financed over 24 months. Basically another version of a shell game.

Hardly a shell game. Just plain math that is a little beyond a 6 year old level...

At the end of the two years, your monthly bill goes down. That doesn't happen with the other providers.


This. I'm glad that T-Mobile switched to this model. No other carrier will let you finance a phone off contract; and the title isn't misleading. Essentially, you can pay $99 in the store and leave with the phone.

The S4,Htc one, and I5, at those prices T-Mo is going to steal alot of customers. IMO sprint maybe in a little bit of trouble

I hope Tmo does steal a lot of customers, the BIG two reeeally need some competition!

Personally I'm just waiting for Tmo to have a Snapdragon 800 smartphone in their lineup, then I'll be heading their way!

Does ANYBODY with a Note 2 that lives in any of these 7 cities have LTE yet???

Smh, comical immature comment. On sprint is the I5 99$ hell no, and when as any of them had plans like this as well as the top phones for 99$ so even if sprint did do 99$ hand seems to be forced now. Ur talking to a marketing exec so think with your money then u will see the point being made...

Ok marketing exec, I would assume you would be smart enough to know that the $99 is a downpayment then. Wonder how well you really understand your job if you can't even comprehend english.

No need for smart remark. The marketing dude knows what his talking about. It's the same idea behind buying a brand new car and making payments on it. it's been working well for cars and if it is in fact true with no interest. Than yes it should grab a lot of customers. Especially from sprint for those with no lte or wimax. Yes t-mo lte coverage is not on par as sprint but hspa+ or whatever they use is way better than sprint 3g. I'm on sprint and will be looking around a year from now when all my lines are done. So coverage and price is what people want. 99 for a phone with no contract for data But contract for the phone. so their marketing is genius. contract without contract.

You do understand that the phones are not $99, don't you? That is just the down payment. The iPhone will be $579.

If you don't work for Sprint or have stock in their company, then there's no need to be a dick. Truth be told, Sprint should worry: they're losing money right now because of Apple, and their customers are less-than-satisfied with the rollout of LTE. Attacking another member for a comment that could very well be true is childish, to say the least.

Unfortunately there are a lot of wireless employees who are mouth-peices for CEOs and don't have a mind of their own. Their paycheck speaks on their behalf.

First and foremost I am a consumer, and even though I've been with Verizon for 3yrs, I am not a walking billboard, I will always tell the truth about a carrier.

Sprint might be losing ME as a customer...
I can sell my EVO 4GLTE (that has NEVER had an LTE signal I might add)and cover any ETF...

It's not on contract. You pay $99 up front and pay, say $20, a month for 24 months. You can "cancel" after making 1 payment for the service with no obligations, just the remainder of the phone.

You can even trade in the phone based on fair market value.

UPDATE: no obligation to accelerate payment of phone, but you can.

Not a contract by any means.

Love it, May 1st is just around the corner. Hope they carry the 64gb version of both phones. I just may have to buy both of those bad boys.
Thank You T-Mobile.

general question about contracts vs no contracts.
Currently i see no discount monthly if i choose a month to month plan at verizon. So why on earth would i want to buy the phone outright if verizon is willing to subsidize me for simply staying on their network for 2 years which i completely plan on doing anyway? i figured there were alot of people like me who actually love verizon or their network in their area and had no plans on leaving. Im not sure if some1 is aware of some discount you get if u choose month to month but i am not. so what am i missing? ** remember i dont wan/care about the option of leaving verizon because their coverage is superior in my area and where i travel.

If you're on Verizon, there's no reason to buy outright unless you want to upgrade and aren't eligible for a subsidized upgrade yet.

However, I'm on AT&T and when I was eligible for my last upgrade I bought an iPhone 5 for $200 on contract, sold it for $600 on Craigslist, and then bought a Nexus 4 for $350. So I got a Nexus 4 for free, plus a bit of leftover cash from AT&T :). Only downside is that I'm tied to them for two years unless I pay an ETF, but I don't plan on leaving anyways.

I think T-Mobile should have both options, 24 months contract or no contract. A lot more people are just happy with the contracts because they pay less upfront and will stay with the carrier for the 24 months period anyway. Some of you don't care for contracts but need to be prepared to pay a lot of money upfront or pay the additional $20-$30 on your cellphone bill every month. I don't like contracts and I paid full price for my S3 on AT&T, I even called them to have it unlocked.

Deceptive way for them to advertise the cost of the phone. The other carriers could easily counter this and it will just get more confusing for consumers.

Heres a question, not sure if its answered anywhere, But are these phones unlocked? Obviously the ability to bring a nexus over is great, $300 for the phone then $70 a month is a great deal for a single kid about to be out of college. Really a deal that cant be beat. But if you get the S4 of One with the down payment and then monthly payment will they be unlocked with updates coming direct from HTC and Samsung respectively? Not that this is a big deal, just curious

They are locked to t-mobile until you pay the phone off. Then they will unlock them. I am not sure about updates though I have a feeling device ID or whatever dictates where the updates come from. I wouldn't be surprised if updates are tied to the carrier forever.

This is not really a promotion. The S4 will sell for full MRSP of $549 unlocked anyway (or $579.. I forget).

If T-Mobile were selling it for $449 unlocked, with $99 down, and payments of $15 per month interest free.. THAT would be a promotion.

So this is really a dumb move by T-Mobile.

It's hilarious how the majority of commenters are either Sprint sympathizers or people that would never even use T-Mobile anyway. So far, T-Mobile is the only carrier trying something new, and they get attacked for it. Shows how much people are enslaved to the status quo.

For people that absolutely refuse to sign another contract, this provides even more financial freedom.

No, the phone does not cost $99 total. However, once you pay off the phone, then it's yours and you no longer pay that amount every month. I daresay you venture into a Sprint, Verizon, or At&t store and ask them how much you are paying per month for your phone and when the actual subsidy ends.

Misleading headline is misleading. Thought y'all were above click bait like this. I give kudos to TMo for trying something new but ill stick with Verizon, which has a bigger LTE footprint than TMo's entire service area. Kudos though.