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T-Mobile has previously stated that its LTE networks in Las Vegas and Kansas City are complete, and now it's saying that the network is ready to launch for consumers by the end of March. Testing the new network via a local macro site with no other users on it, the speeds seem to fall right in line with what we've seen from other carriers. Keeping in mind that these are pretty much maximum theoretical speeds, LaptopMag was averaging downloads in the 30 to 50 Mbps range and uploads in the 20 to 25 Mbps range.

The nation's fourth-largest carrier is hoping to have the network launched in "late March", so we should be seeing more official announcements soon. Following the same line as before, T-Mobile says that its new LTE network will cover 100 million people by mid-2013.

Coinciding with this announcement, the carrier has started pushing out an update to its Galaxy Note 2 that enables the use of LTE. The T-Mobile support site indicates that the T889UVBMB4 update is pushing out both OTA (Over The Air) and via the Kies desktop software. At this point in time, the only two supported LTE devices announced for T-Mobile are the BlackBerry Z10 and the updated Galaxy Note 2.

Seeing the update on your Note 2 yet? Head to the forums and let other members know your experience.

Source: T-Mobile Support; LaptopMag
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T-Mobile LTE network ready for late March, Galaxy Note 2 update starting today


According to all reports, it probably won't be...officially. The N4 filings with the FCC didn't explicitly name LTE bands, which is apparently required. Based on that alone, I don't see official support coming. However, look for custom ROMs to have the LTE enabled.

Ok so what band is T-Mobiles LTE Network is it same as AT&T. I take it since they are converting their HSPA+ to 1900 LTE will be 1700?

AWS 1700/2100

ATT uses lower 700, 850, aws 1700/2100 [selectively deployed / not widespread in any manner], and WCS in the future.

Verizon uses upper 700 block and soon to be AWS.

Sprint uses PCS 1900 and soon to be SMR 800. Soon to also have clearwire 2.5/2.6ghz for TDD-LTE

T-mobile exclusively uses AWS with zero sub ghz spectrum.

Google doesn't hate LTE. However, LTE isn't widely available yet, especially outside of the US. Not to mention, every carrier has unique LTE bands, and it's considered more of a technology than a standard. Therefore, Google hates LTE... damn lol

So their entire LTE network is going to consist of two cities, Las Vegas and Kansas City? Wow, it's already almost as big as their HSPA + 4G network.

By the way T-Mobiles HSPA+ network in my area is much better then Verizon's LTE network, I get 10mpbs on Verizon LTE here while I get between 15mbps and 22mbps on T-mobiles HSPA+

I too get great down and up speeds on T-mobiles HSPA+ network here in PHX. I am looking forward to checking out the LTE too on my Nexus 4 for fun though!!! Who knows maybe it can just supplement the already great speeds I'm getting on HSPA+ It's rock solid and by using the T-Mobile no contract $30 / month plan and VOIP I've got killer tech with killer speeds for killer CHEAP!!! Eat your heart out Verizon people paying 100/month for LTE. ;^}

Yes, I agree their 4G HSPA is fast when you can find it. In my city it beats Verizon's LTE as well. The only problem is once you leave the city you have to drive more than two hours to find their 4G again. Meantime you're on dial up Edge.

Tmobile will flip that LTE SWITCH here in New York City on or before March 26th. Coming to New York City for this announcement gives it even more credence. Tmobile will have gotten LTE out to a MAJOR CITY like New York faster than bloatware filled Verizon and useless Sprint.

T-Moibile still has not updated my city to 3G. Yes, I said THREE-G!!!
All they have right now is 2G(EDGE) which is about as useful as 56k modems.

This is one of the main reasons I use your site: You have up-to-the-minute, accurate information.
The OTA update hadn't shown up yet, but Kies pulled it down right away. My Note II is now LTE-capable and that rocks.

Wow, 100 million in just a few months from now? That's a way faster roll out than Sprint has been pulling.

Where's Richard Yarrell at?

He always jumps all over T-Mobile & Samsung posts talking about pimp-slapping & talking down other carriers/manufacturers even though he did the same thing about Sprint, Verizon, & HTC when he was a fanboy of their service & hardware.

Oh well....maybe he moved onto another carrier & manufacturer. AT&T & Motorola maybe......

I just downloaded it over kies For tmo note 2. Works good so far. Gives a cool boot logo for mobile 4gLTE... so it's definitely LTE

" Testing the new network via a local macro site with no other users on it,"

I'm pretty sure it was a Micro Cell Site not macro, held in a highly controlled indoor environment. LTE speeds on the streets of NYC are in the teens. It's going to be 2x5Mhz LTE network in NYC, not 2x10Mhz like they're trying to portray.

In Tampa on HSPA+ I usually get 14/5 or 15/5 Mb, not too bad I wish they would have licensed the LTE radio in the Nexus 4, but oh well there's always a work around. Hopefully they don't take as long as Sprint to upgrade to wimax or LTE. I fill bad for Sprint sometimes,I would have stayed with them if they had wimax or LTE service in my area, but they don't. Now that they added the Iphone to the network it seems like service is getting slower and slower.