Sasmsung Galaxy S4

Though you'll still be able to order the Samsung Galaxy S4 from Sprint online starting Saturday, finding one in stores will be tough. 

We just got a note from Sprint saying that though they're still aiming to have the Samsung Galaxy S4 available for sale online and over the phone starting this upcoming Saturday as originally planned, retail and other channels may be a little behind. 

As you might expect, this has to do with Samsung's inventory levels, and I wouldn't be surprised to see similar challenges cropping up on the other carriers. There's no word on exactly how far behind the Saturday launch retail locations will be, but Sprint promised that they'll be stocking up as soon as inventory becomes available. 

We just posted our Samsung Galaxy S4 review, so if you were one of those potential Sprint buyers, be sure to take a gander before taking the leap. How many of you are all-in for the GS4? Or maybe the HTC One looks more appealing? We've got a comparison between the two for anyone torn about the decision.


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Sprint retail locations to see Samsung Galaxy S4 delays


I don't understand what you're implying. Sprint and T-Mo's coverage varies from location to location, and device to device. Just because it works for you in one spot, it might suck for somebody who lives elsewhere. When you move out of your parents' basement, you'll understand this.

Why would I want to do that when you can't get a T mobile signal anywhere in my house, while I get a clear and fast 4G signal in my house. That would be the dumbest thing in the world for me to do. In other words, no network is the same in every area. Whats good for you where you are, might not be good where someone else lives. But i thought that was common knowledge.

"Whats good for you where you are, might not be good where someone else lives. But i thought that was common knowledge."

You bash people for choosing T-Mobile (on a T-Mobile article), but you absolutely hate it when someone does the same to you. Then, you have the audacity to play the "common knowledge" card.

Pot. Kettle. Black. Done.

If you don't live, work, and play actually in a decent sized town you can forget T-Mobile. Once you pass the interstate on the outskirts of a town it's gone.

I sent this to my friend who preordered. I have Sprint and Verizon. Verizon is faster but Sprint is much cheaper.

But Sprint has LTE in such few places, your friend wants affordability then go with T-Mobile, they're fast and affordable.

That guy above, is just one of those internet pricks who doesn't know how to act right on the internet.

Ya I have been with sprint for 10 years and best decision I ever made was leave sprint, omg love t-mobile.

Im in a similar situation. Been with Sprint since 2002, have 7 lines on my account which total over $330.00 per month (that's with a 27% discount). I'll be saving about $100.00/month on Tmobile.

I even have LTE in my area which is still slower than Tmobile's HSPA+, LTE on Sprint average range is between 2-7mbs, and Tmobile's HSPA+, from what I've seen is between 5-15mbs.

I like what Tmobile is doing, lowering their monthly bill (it does take away subsidized phones in doing so, but gives you the option to add it to you monthly payments), which is a change from other carriers who seem to keep on raising their prices and putting data caps on.

I live a mile from the interstate but on the other side from the town and T-Mobile is nonexistent. If you don't live and do everything in a town, forget it. I have Sprint and the service is fine. Granted I don't have LTE yet but there is wifi everywhere now.

As soon as whatever retail location you pre-ordered from (corporate store, Best Buy Mobile, Radio Shack, etc.) gets in inventory then they can start fulfilling pre-orders in the order in which they were received.

Source: Work for Best Buy Mobile.