We just grabbed a quick look at the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet and ... it's totally a Galaxy Tab on Sprint. Which is to say that what we have here is Android 2.2 with Samsung's TouchWiz (and not Sprint ID), that 7-inch 1024x600 display, a whoppingly large 4000mAh battery -- which should give you a full day -- and all the usual fixings. 

What really pleased us, though is the utter lack of Sprint bloatware. Say what you will about the latest generation of TouchWiz and Samsung apps (we're alternately hot and cold), but at least Samsung appears to be offering a consistent tablet experience across all carriers -- including a Media Hub for buying movies. The only two Sprint apps we could see were an account management app and an app to run their Hotspot for tethering.

We'd say more, but honestly not much has changed from all the previous looks we've had with Galaxy Tab that we have done -- and that's a good thing. Photos of the snazzy Sprint logo and a few of the apps after the break!


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Sprint Galaxy Tab Hands-On


How is it the Galaxy Tab comes with 2.2 but nothing for the phones that came out (Galaxy S Series)... I mean I saw the LG Optimus came stock with 2.2... but samsung is just slacking BAD... Come on now, i mean Palm was doing just as bad! Now I get The Epic 4g and now its happening all over again? Come on

yea, the galaxy tab is 1 device. the Galaxy S is like 10 different versions of the device all with variations in the software. that takes time to code. and its supposed to be availible in 2 weeks or so for US galaxyS.
LG optimus came with base 2.2. again, one phone vs many.

chill out, it isnt a conspiracy, your just paranoid and need to chill.

I would like to be excited about this, but I don't really see where I'd find it useful - my EVO seems able to fit this niche in my life. Particularly when you can pick up a netbook for $300.

I will never understand why they thought a rear 3MP camera and flash would be better than a front facing cam with a decent videochat app.

The Sprint model with No 4G pretty much guarantees no one will buy the Sprint model. Really curious on the wifi version pricing- but now that I've been looking at the SAMOLED Epic- I don't know that I could tolerate a TFT Tablet.

looks nice but $500 for a wifi version is still way too much when the ipad is the same price with a much bigger screen. $400 would be the right price for the wifi version.

I would think about buying one but not making phone calls from it seems dumb. For something so cheap to add to it and they don't, just don't understand. I have both the Nexus One and the G2, I think making calls is a MUST for any device or it's a no go.

It seems like I've made this comment several times already, but the calling has been disabled for all US Tabs. It's not like they were lazy and forgot it.

Yep they just shot themselves in both feet this time. I mean really, WHY would anyone cripple a device on purpose? Before they did it I was looking for it to be my one universal device.
After they crippled the Tab, I upgraged to Epic and it is more capable but costs less. Aside for a larger screen, why would anyone pick this?
And the data is metered, navigation is not included, back cam is only 3MP vs 5MP on Epic.

I'm VERY happy I went with Epic instead.

is Archos 101 out yet?
Back to the topic...
Very good looking device, but too much money... I would definitely get it if was $300 or less