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Sprint has just dropped the price of the Galaxy Tab to $299 -- but only if you sign up for a 2-year contract. Plans will run you $30 per month for 2GB of data or $60 for 5GB. It is the cheapest way to get your hands on a Tab right now, but keep in mind that the WiFi-only version is coming this quarter. Check it out past the link. [Sprint]


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Sprint drops on-contract price of Galaxy Tab to $299


IM pretty sure sprints going to announce the Blackberry PLaybook on Feb. 7th. If you think about it, theyre dropping the price of the galaxy tab, and they said it at CES 2011. To much coincednece for me. but i hope the event on Feb. 7th will be more then just the Playbook 4g

I rather have a tablet thats wifi only. I would never pay for a tablet thats connected to a cellphone carrier unless my job is gonna pay for it.

I looked at the Galaxy Tab at Costco, and I have to say that as a proud owner of an Epic 4G, the Galaxy Tab looked awful to me. I'd rather have an iPad. Of course, more than an iPad, I'd rather have a root canal.

Maybe that's why they're lowering the price: the device is not selling well.

Do any of you actually have one? Do you like it?

I have a sprint Tab and I love it. It so much more portable and easier to handle than an ipad. Plus all the benifits of having Android over apple os as well as cameras. I will never buy any apple products as long as theyre dictated by the master narcissist Steve Jobs.

Now with honeycomb being released I don't see a reason for tablets to have 2.2 os. Like the dell streak, I highly doubt its going to sell.

Does this mean that I'll get a refund of the extra $100 that I paid only a month ago? Actually, just a credit to my account would be nice!

Prices are going to rock bottom on these now because there will be no Honeycomb due to the processor only being single core

It won't have Android 3.0 (unless you root it and do it yourself) for the same reason it won't have 2.3 and barely had 2.2... because it is a Samsung product. It has nothing to do with how many cores on in it.

Ad: "How can a screen so brilliantly big..."

Big? 7"?? I think their definition of "big" and mine are totally different. I want a quality, fast, 10", 3.0 tablet, Wi-Fi only, without proprietary connectors tablet for $399.

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