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Newly-uncovered files on Sprint's servers suggest that a highly-specced Samsung device -- possibly a Galaxy Note 2 variant -- could be headed to the network in the future. RDF files on unearthed by XDA forum members, reveal a Samsung 'SPH-L900' device with a laundry list of impressive specs --

  • Exynos 4412 CPU
  • Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 16GB of storage
  • CDMA/EVDO/LTE connectivity
  • 8MP rear camera
  • 1.9MP front camera

With the exception of the radios, that's an exact match for the device we saw last week in Germany -- though the key specification that's not confirmed is screen size. News of a 5.5-inch screen would certainly seal the deal, but as it stands this could just be a spec-bumped Galaxy S3-class phone. Whatever it is, it's currently running software version L900VPLI2, which based on the way Samsung numbers its builds, indicates a ROM built sometime in the past week.

Sprint didn't carry the original Samsung Galaxy Note, which in the U.S. was exclusive to AT&T until it landed on Tmo in early August. Samsung made a concerted effort to bring the Galaxy S3 to as many U.S. carriers as possible, and it's likely they'll want to do the same with their next big device. Rumors have already suggested the Note 2 could be headed to T-Mobile, and an AT&T launch is likely too, given the success of the original Note.

Would you pick up the Galaxy Note 2 on Sprint? Hit the comments and let us know.

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Samsung 'SPH-L900' could be Sprint's Galaxy Note 2


Looks legit... let's hope they leave that exynos quad in there. Too bad the new Mali GPU isn't ready yet, would have been nice indeed.

I think a big part of the experiences is the value. The company with the best data rates gets my money, I can't see a point of getting any device if I'm being accosted with a lousy data plan. Takes the fun right out of it.

it's too bad top of the line specs HAVE to be paired with huge screens. why can't they give good specs to a 4" screen? i really like the motorola razr m... 4.3" screen but the phone still looks pretty small due to the small amount of bezel.. if they could do that with a 4" screen i'm sure a lot of females would buy it cuz it would actually fit in their pockets :p

IF Sprint does in fact get the GNote 2, I'm definitely on board. I'll wait for the LTE to hit the Philadelphia area, but it'll keep me on the Sprint network for another contract.

It's possible but rumor is that Verizon is going for the HTC Phablet, still, I guess they could get both.

I wish Verizon would hurry up and get their head out of their ass but they think the VU is good enough for their customers.

They figured out how to make it work. It's a separate chip on the mother board rather than the Qualcomm chips that have it built into the cpu.

i have the S3 right now, and the note 2 would be nice to add to our service. but man the data speeds in my area are really bad, just might jump ship to ATT, regardless of the date cap, hardly ever reach two gigs. just waiting for that contract to term. by then if sprint hasn't improved, c-ya!!

I'm an HTC guy, the thought of a 5.5 inch screen with unlimited LTE (eventually) is tempting. Have the Sense ports to TouchWiz devices matured yet? If so, then this Note would be a pure no brainer.

This is what I was waiting for. Now just want to see the pure Google devices supposedly coming out, then I'll make my move.

Oh and when sprint lte comes to new york.


This is what I was waiting for. Now just want to see the pure Google devices supposedly coming out, then I'll make my move.

Oh and when sprint lte comes to new york.


I am 100 % happy to see this arrive for Sprint great job for them. They didn't settle for some silly exclusive deal for a Htc 1080p 5inch smartphone or that silly Lg Vu handset. We on Tmobile are waiting in the weeds for the GALAXY NOTE 2 arrival and we are ready. The Galaxy Note 2 will launch with jellybean straight out of the box. And yes Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 2 with the three carriers At&t, Tmobile, and Sprint all at the same time as they did this past summer with the Galaxy S3. I'm thinking it will launch between October 26th and November 21st on all three US carriers minus Verizon.

Said it before and ill say it again. If it comes to Sprint, it's mine! Wife will get the GSIII and the note 10.1 to complete the set:-)

Niiiice, the Exynos 4412 is the quad-core version...

Quad-Core, LTE, 5.5" screen, 2GB of RAM, Jelly Bean -- I'll definitely be replacing my EVO LTE with this bad boy.

Watching my Netflix shows (like Breaking Bad) and watching my new Lakers via SlingPlayer should be sweeeeeet. :)

Yes! And for those wondering. The quad core LTE combo was waiting for modem production to catch up. "Houston, we are ready to launch" Woo Hoo!

Heck Yes I would. I keep waiting to upgrade hoping Sprint would carry the Note. Oh please! I am waiting in anticipation. I Love my Epic Touch so this is the only thing right now that would make me change.

if and ONLY if their so called lte is avalible to the area I live! I bought my EVO 3D WIMAX device expected that and never got service in Akron Ohio on that one, fool me once but not twice! I am hoping for it to be avalible on Verizon so I can ditch my so called WIMax experience!

Hell yea, I did the exact same thing. Even got the EVO 3D as well. I'm in Fort Myers and Verizon is currently the only carrier with LTE up and running in my city. Been waiting to switch, just waiting for the right phone. I am a big HTC fan but it will not compare to the G-Note 2. Verizon needs this phone..!!

I switched from Sprint to Verizon for better data speeds but I'd actually consider moving back to Sprint just get the Note 2 if Verizon doesn't carry it.

WTF Verizon - do you hate your customers that you throw out a turd like the VU and expect us to consider it a like phone?

I agree with you, I do not even want to consider the LG VU scree is not large enough, and what is with the square shape? lol

I got the HTC EVO 4G LTE at launch but when this comes to Sprint , I may seriously upgrade again somehow.
I'm a HTC guy and love sense but as of late Samsung phones are where its at. It has ton of developer support , Jelly Bean, more features ,etc etc. I never thought I'd leave HTC but some things have been questionable of late .

I'm due an upgrade so there I just may jump on this phone. I have a galaxy nexus which is currently being update to JB (haven't got it yet) and I've been thinking I'd wait for the next version of Android. But, if I want a note I'd have to wait a whole year for the next device. I hate that it takes so long to get updates, makes decisions that much harder!

I am approaching the end of my contract with Sprint, and considering moving to T Mobile to get the (hopefully) Note 2. If the Note 2 comes to Sprint I may "wait and see".
Oh! Wait! I have a Nex S 4G and never got to use the 4G, because Sprint failed to successfully deploy Wi-Max on their network. Don't care who owns,WI-Max. I do care how I am able to use my phone as it was sold to me. Maybe LTE will be successful.

Ok, Rant is over. I want a Note 2 too.

I will never use Sprint service again. I was on board with them from day one on the EVO release, kept hearing 4G is right around the corner.....never found that corner and never got 4G. Doesn't matter if they have unlimited data when it takes an hour to download a song. Now I am hearing these exact thing with this LTE thing.
I have switched to AT&T, bought myself the note and the wife and kids Galaxy S3s. Would not be happier with the service so far. I am hitting 18Mbs 75% of the time then bottom out at 6 to 7.
I am getting the note 2 the day it hits AT&T with out a doubt. The Note1 is absolutely amazing!

I have the Galaxy Note With AT&T and I have the GS3 on Sprint,to be honest with you I didn`t see any different in the network, the only thing I did see, AT&T add to much junk on their device, so thats why it`s too slow. about the network mean nothing to me most my time am inside and on Wi-fi almost 80% of my time.
But to buy A GSM device I might buy it from ebay not from a carriers in the USA.
At lease it`ll comes with less junk on it.

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Sniffff....I have one upgrade left and have to use it to get the Photon Q for my daughter(what she wants) when I can afford it.

I have been with sprint for 8 years and I LOVE THEM TO DEATH!!! I would really appreciate the note 2 on sprints network or the new rumored "Huwaii"? I forgot the name of the company but you all know what im talking about. 6" behemoth!

I held off on the SIII to see if the Note II will hit Sprint. If it does, I'm in for another contract. I like the SIII, but I really want that Note II even more. Waiting...

My wife needs a stylus driven device,
She nursed along a wornout tp2,
Waiting for another stylus device,
Waiting, waiting, waiting,
Holding out for the Note,
Then waiting word on the Note2,
She finally could wait no more and got a gs3 with a 3rd party stylus, which must be carried seperately of the phone.
Sprint will lose a sale on a stylus device because they waited too long between stylus device releases..
Sprint will then say they don't get enough sales on stylus devices and further screw this segment of the market on the next round 2 years from now.

I NEED this phone!! Glad the quad version made it to the U.S. My boyfriend and I both had the Note with ATT and loved it. Although it was short lived because our bill ws never under 290 and 4gb is easier to go over than some realize lol... I reeeeeally hope Sprint comes through! The Note2 on unlimited data would be heaven!! :)

I am a Sprint customer now and I have no problem with Sprint.I was going to move over to Tmobile because of the new unlimited plan and the ability to have a GSM phone again. Also might wait to see what the next Nexus device looks like. But the Note 2 will be a definite purchase if the Nexus doesn't come out soon or doesn't impress.

Never did I think I would EVER want a 5.5 inch screen. However after 2 years with the EVO's 4.3 inch screen it is now feeling really small. Especially since we do so much with our phones now. I am also interested in a stylus pen. The last stylus I had was on my HTC Touch Pro back in 2008 and all my iPhone friends made fun of my (what they called) out dated pencil phone. So althought Im sure the apple fanboys will still make fun of a stylus phone in 2012 (since the iphone doesn't use a pen), I think it will be a nice option to have. There is so much more you can do on your phone with the precision that only a stylus can do. My only draw back to the 5.5 inch Note 2 is how it is going to fit in my pocket. Other than that issue, I am all over the Sprint Galaxy Note 2..............I'll take a Titanium Gray as soon as it comes out

As long as it's on the dismal and tragic Sprint network... I'll just hold off for the better model that hits AT&T. I love my Note I and jumped ship from Sprint to AT&T, to get it. I have absolutely ZERO regrets for making the switch. I can't wait for the official release. If I do decide to purchase this phone, it would be the first time I've ever bought a phone at full price.

Oh, man, we were going to jump Verizon this week for Sprint. I'm gonna have to wait because I want this somethin' fierce. Please, Sprint...please! I would love this soon, haha.

I really am attracted to the note 2 but am concerned about the performance of the Samsung chip set used vs the new snapdragon s4 pro chip set coming out on the new LG Optimist G and if it would ever be upgraded from android 4.1 to 4.2 since it is so customized. For example, was the original note ever upgraded? Then there is the fact that most sprint phones do not have a sim card which is accessible. Why can't sprint leave the phones alone so we could use them overseas?! Does any one else share these concerns?