Galaxy Note 2 camera

Korean press says range of technologies being considered for upcoming Note successor

Cameras are one area of phone hardware in which there's always room for improvement. Recent flagships like the Galaxy S4 and HTC One have introduced high megapixel counts and optical image stabilization in an effort to produce better smartphone snaps. Looking ahead, rumored devices including the Sony "Honami" and "Galaxy S4 Zoom" could take things even further, with 20-megapixel sensors and optical zoom capabilities.

So it's interesting to hear reports today that Samsung's considering all manner of exotic imaging technologies for its upcoming Galaxy Note 2 successor. Quoting unnamed Samsung officials, Korea's ETNews reports that a 13-megapixel sensor is on the cards, along with optical image stabilization and optical zoom capabilities. The former allows the camera assembly itself to move in order to prevent motion blur, while the latter would vastly improve upon the digital zoom offered by most cameraphones. (As we mentioned, Samsung is already rumored to be experimenting with optical zoom on the "Galaxy S4 Zoom".)

We're not expecting the Galaxy Note 3 to make its debut before this year's IFA trade show in Berlin, scheduled for early September. As such, ETNews says the camera specs remain up in the air at this point. Nevertheless, if Samsung can cram an optical zoom into an (albeit large) smartphone, it could very well be a headline feature for the next Note.

Source: ETNews; via: Engadget


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Samsung reportedly considering OIS, optical zoom for Galaxy Note 3 camera


I have the note 2. I adore my phone. I'm excited to see what they'll do to improve on an already beautiful device. The camera on my phone is not too shabby , but could be better. Having the note 2 for me means not feeling moved by the HTC one or s4 even though I looked forward to their arrival. The note 3 thus far is the only phone making me consider buying something new.

I'd venture to guess the majority of Note owners feel the same way -- nothing replaces a Note except another Note.

My predictions for Note 3:

1. 5.8" 1080p AMOLED display
2. Exynos 5 Octa SoC
3. 2 GB RAM
4. 16 & 32 GB internal memory, and possibly 64 GB for limited markets
5. Micro sd card slot
6. 13 MP camera + optical image stabilization
7. 3300+ mAh removable battery
8. Android 4.3
9. All TW software features of the S4, plus some extras/enhancements for S-pen

I agree 100%. The only other phone I'd consider buying is an update to my Note 2, but I'm content with the current screen size. Anything larger seems like overkill...

Proud Note 2 owner here. That's exactly how I feel. I'm not looking at anything else until I know what will be in the Note 3. Can't get much better than this.

I'll add to the sentiments here. Being a Note 2 Owner myself has actually had me feeling like there is no need for me to get a better one soon (I'm certain that may change), not at least anytime in the near future. I truly believe that the Note series is a STANDARD for it's own brand that can't be touched right now. The current camera on this phone doesn't make me excited for "what's next?" at all. Because it does everything I need or want it to do very well.

I can finally stop looking...... for now

I'll have to agree here. I'm also a Galaxy Note 2 owner. Though the GS4 and the One are awesome devices with first rate features, I wasn't really moved and compelled to purchase them. I'm am looking forward to seeing the Galaxy S4 zoom, but these rumors about the Note 3 simply solidifies my decision to wait for the note 3.

I certainly share your sentiments. Samsung definitely made an unrivaled device in the Note II. No other device announced to date even comes close as far as functionality goes.

I love the S Pen functionality and the fact that it has a decent battery life.

Non Note users just don't understand. You'll have to actually put the S Pen and S Note to use to reply realize how this awesome device absolutely blows others out of the water

Sounds cool I probably still wouldn't buy the phone due to the large size but it will be great for those who want a phablet. At this point ithwould still wouldn't put any weight behind these rumours

Camera improvements are always welcome, and do help differentiate. I would sure like to see a dual speaker set up as well. Now while front facing would be nice, I don't expect Samsung to go that route just yet, but they can easily add their Player 5.0 speaker arrangement.

Signed: Proud Note 2 Owner

Exactly folks. At my girlfriend's college graduation earlier this month I took most of the pics because my camera was just so much better than everyone else's. Pic after pic was so clear. Then we went to Florida for a week. Some of the best photos I tell you! I freaking love this phone!

...and the note 3 is probably going to be the first phone I'm willing to buy straight out (of course I could easily get 3-400 on ebay or craigslist for a mint Verizon note II. So it's not like I'll pay any more than half price. Better than having to wait for an upgrade. I joined Verizon in November after 11 years with Sprint (first carrier) so I'm not close to an upgrade. I noticed a big difference in coverage even though I'm in a prime area for either.

I was so close to getting a Note 2 but I wanted to hold out for 1080p and a better camera. The note 3 seems like my dream phone but I just hope the optical zoom doesn't ruin it. Zoom lenses always come at the cost of aperture. I hope they go with an f2 lense like the HTC One so that as much light as possible makes it to that 13 MP sensor.