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The next Galaxy Note smartphone will be a revealed in just over three weeks time, Samsung has reportedly confirmedconfirming what many -- including ourselves -- had already suspected, a Samsung representative told Reuters​, "we plan to unveil the next Galaxy Note at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin on August 29."

So that takes care of that -- Samsung's confirmed that we will indeed see a "next Galaxy Note" in Berlin later this month, just as it did with the "next Galaxy" announcements that preceded the Galaxy S3 launch event. In any case, it's not like Samsung was being particularly coy about its Note-based plans for the event -- see the stylus/magic wand in the official invite above.

For now, though, the nature of the Galaxy Note 2 -- or whatever it ends up being called -- remains a bit of a mystery. Internet rumors focus on a possible 5.5-inch screen in the device, as well as a higher-clocked version of the Exynos 4 Quad chip in the Galaxy S3, though those come from easily-fakeable online benchmark listings.

Feel free to launch into rampant speculation down in the comments. We'll be live in Berlin later this month for the Samsung Unpacked event and the rest of the IFA show.

Source: Reuters; via: SamMobile


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Samsung: Next Galaxy Note to be unveiled Aug. 29


This is exactly what many people are waiting for at the end of the year purchase. Samsung must get this right exactly like they did earlier this summer with the Galaxy S3 launch on all carriers. No more exclusive carrier garbage everyone deserves the chance to enjoy this product. Even if they stagnate the launch by letting it launch on the GSM CARRIERS first Tmobile and At&t let's say in September then Sprint and Verizon at the end of September who cares when. These stagnated launches will off set any new iphone 5 launch sales come September 12th. I will be purchasing this device to pair it with my already industry leading Galaxy S3 just need to get it to Tmobile.

I can't wait to see what the note 2 ends up looking like. It's going to make for one tough decision between the note 2 and the s3 when I am eligible for upgrade in November.

I am on the same page with you. I like the s3 design for what it is, but I hope the note is unique. I don't think a larger sized s3 will be very appealing.

Hopefully this will get a launch similar to the S3; all carriers get it, and within a few months of each other at most.

Ill stop all the speculation right now!!!! IMAGINE a galaxy S3 only bigger. BOOM. Galaxy Note 2. Galaxy Note 10.1???? BOOM. Galaxy S3 only 10.1 in.!!!!! The de-fracturing has begun. Our players are Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, and Samsung. You will see 5 in., 7-8 in., and 9.7-11.8 in. devices all from these manuf. all running the same OS (Manuf. respective) and all doing pretty much the same thing. ENJOY YOURSELF.

PS - anyone not listed is just playing catch up

OMG(oodness) I am such a Samsung fan boy. I would love a Galaxy Note more than any phone on the planet. (Xiaomi is a close 2nd.) Samsung truly pushes my buttons. lol They are now one whole year iteration beyond Apple IMHO. I wish they would make the exterior out of premium materials like chrome and super fine plastic amalgam. I even like Touchwiz more than stock Android because of the added features like Kies Air, and the music player app has a 10 band eq...add to that the FF camera that tracks your eyes. They just rule.

@, imagine a 6 inch screen phone Galaxy Note. I would love that. It is the future. People want larger screens even if Apple wont admit it. And with the new Super amoled technology packing super high density pixels per inch, it is going to rule.

Too.Many.Toys.Not.Enough.Money! Aaarrrgghhh!

Gotta say the Note is growing on me. I laughed at it when it was launched, but the more you play with it the more you like it. Bluetooth headset for your phone feature and tablet for your browsing/writing.

Unlocked, I'm guessing this is a $650 device too.