Samsung is boasting “meaningful innovation” in its latest Galaxy S5 TV commercial. The video goes over the device in slow, sexy pans, highlighting the “state-of-the-art camera”, heart rate sensor, IP67 water and dust resistance, 5.1-inch HD display, and dimpled back. The first Galaxy S5 ad aired during the Oscars last month.

We're not quite sure what the tagline “Real innovation begins when inspired by what matters to you” means, but maybe you guys can offer your take in the comments.


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Samsung gets up-close and personal in new Galaxy S5 ad


God there marketing is just so much smoother then HTCs marketing :(

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True. But also, the camera on their flagship is better than the camera on HTC's M8. Which is going to be a deal breaker for many people making a decision on whether to purchase the S5 or the M8.

Yeah, HTC needs to quit with the weird camera stuff. There is no way two cameras is cheaper than one decent iPhone quality camera. Plus it doesn't look as good.

This advert, does not in anyway, inspire me to seek out the S5. A phone and the experience is usually the sum of parts and the desire to acquire.
None of which describes the Samsung Galaxy S5 personally.
The HTC One (M8) on the other hand, grabs my attention a whole lot more, but I will also await the LG G2 replacement (LG G3?) and also see what iPhone has to offer (that's how little the S5 has impressed me).

PS. I've owned both the S3 and S4, before I get accused of Samsung hating!

I really hope there is some truth to the continued "Galaxy F" rumors...or maybe the "Galaxy F" is really the LG G3. I just can't get excited for the S5...but that's in part due to the fact that I own an S4.

Yup, both are pretty nice. I'm leaning towards the M8, because I'm kind of burned out on Samsung right now. Maybe it's because I'm still rocking my S3.

I went to the store and played with the M8, I found it to be uncomfortable to hold. I went in with a strikes idea in my head, 3 strikes and I pass. Strike 1 was the battery not being removable, strike 2 was the camera although improved in my eyes compared to the M7 it still lacked the clarity of most other flaghsips, strike 3 was no wireless charging and the one that for sure put me in the no thanks column was the phone was slicker than snot. Xperia Z2 likely won't be out for a while in the states, so it comes down to the S5 for me.

In other words, you knew going in that the M8 would get two strikes out of the gate with the third (camera) being the only subjective criteria that needed in-person examination. Why did you bother then?

It would be like going on a blind date with a short brunette and saying if she's got one of the three strikes you'll not ask her out again: 1. Brown hair 2. Short stature 3. Boring personality. Why not just go on dates with tall non-brunettes. Your chance of success is much greater.

First off, I was there so I wanted to see. Secondly, you have never went in a store hell bent on getting one thing and been dazzled by something else and flipped? I knew that more than likely I was getting the S5, but figured I would make sure about the M8.

As for women, most of my life I preferred short brunettes with green eyes...lo and behold I am and have been happily married for a long time to.......a 5'11" blond haired, blue eyed Dutch woman. What we think we want isn't always what is best for us is it?

Two of your three strikes were specs that were openly published and much discussed. My point is that either you were ignorant of this or you went in essentially knowing that the M8 was going to come up short.

Read above....First off, I was there so I wanted to see. Secondly, you have never went in a store hell bent on getting one thing and been dazzled by something else and flipped? I knew that more than likely I was getting the S5, but figured I would make sure about the M8.

I did know, but wanted to make absolutely sure. I was hopping to be dazzled and I could overlook the published items, after all the praise and reviews I knew what I was expecting from research but wanted to give it a go and see if I really could overlook what I saw as shortcomings.

You still don't address the point. Two of your three strikes are known quantities you could have known before leaving your house.

Is it reading causing you problems or is it comprehension?

First off, I was ALREADY there so I wanted to see.

As in, it was right in front of me so I decided to check it out and see if I could be swayed. That addresses the point, I was standing right in front of it, why not tinker and decide if I could be swayed since it was right in my face?

If you own an S4, there is no reason for you to be even remotely thinking of an upgrade, maybe the upcoming Note 3 which will most likely have a 2K screen and updated internals. A smartphone should in today's age should last you 2-3 years, maybe even longer, come to think of it, an S3 does everything a smartphone needs to do nowadays, phone, text, email, Web, game, social networking.

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I agree, I preferred the S3 to the S4 mainly because the latter phone for my own use, did not live up to the hype. Hated all the 'use once' features, like smart stay etc. The S3 just worked IMO

This is funny to me because I have an S4 and I'm upgrading to an S5 this weekend. Waterproof, better battery life, and better camera are good enough reasons for me to upgrade.

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Why stop now? I have had the Galaxy S, SII, SIII, and S4. I have enjoyed all of them and look forward to enjoying the S5.

I agree F Brown, although the S5 will be a decent improvement over my S3. I too am hoping they release a high end version. If they don't confirm it within the next 4-6 weeks, I'll be picking up the S5.
There will always be "bigger & better" phones right around the corner, so waiting endlessly for something "better" or "innovative" is futile.
What people don't seem to realize is, there isn't going to be anything "innovative* in the world of smartphones going forward. They've gotten as innovative as their going to get... I honestly don't understand what people are expecting.
Just my 2 cents.

That's a hard commercial but I'm still waiting on the lg g3 and galaxy s5 prime

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So he is supposed to come out and say, yes something better is coming out from us later this year, so don't buy this?

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I think the marketing slogan is the antonym to Apple's "you pay us to make a decision for you"

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So tempting. I want to get the M8. But I'm going to put a case on it so it seems pointless. Might as well get the S5 that's water resistant with wireless charging and a better camera.

Gaaaahhhhhhh. I hate you Samsung, I keep saying I'm done and you keep pulling me back in. Damn you!

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This phone IS what the masses want. It looks tough to beat.
It has everything the average consumer wants and then some. If I could remove the bloat without rooting , I might even be interested in a 32GB model!
Are they going to make a GPE version or if they have given up on that.
Sent from my Moto X!

I would think so. But way easier to buy a carrier one and load the GPE rom on it. ;-)

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Meh, nothing spectacular but good enough I guess. I think every OEM has at least one commercial that's similar in format.
A few different angles, a catchy beat, highlights (vaguely) a few key features and ends in 30 secs flat.

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I'm leaning towards the M8 because I've found that HTC's screen's generally beat Samsung's screens in outdoor use. I also want the dual front facing speakers since I use the phone to play music so often at work and home, but the HTC camera has me a little disappointed. I personally haven't used it, and some of the pictures online may be misleading, so maybe it's not as bad as it's reported to be.

Basically, my decision comes down to better audio or better pictures?


Did you not see the review on the screen by this independent company on the S5?it has a coating on it so there isn't so much glare and it's 25% brighter. They rated as the best screen they ever tested. It rated around 678 nits I think, which is great! Also, it comes an equalizer that no one uses but it's better sound than standard. Also, clearaudio+ it's a great app to have. Either way, for my self. #teamgalaxynote3 . Can't deal with small phones! Ugh! Can't wait for the Note 4.

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I haven't found the M8 camera to be bad at all. You aren't going to be making posters with the pictures it takes but for normal every day use the pictures are quite nice. Where it really shines is document imaging which is what I use it the most for. No need to worry about adjusting anything or shadows. It just does a great job of it. I think people just need something to complain about for every device that comes out. What I do wish is that it was water resistant like the S5. To me that's a killer feature.

Armadillo, the other white meat.

Full HD TV screen = 1920 x 1080 = 2,073,600 pixels or roughly 2MP.

M8 camera = 4MP

4MP > 2MP

Your standard full HD TV would need over twice the number of pixels before it would be an issue.

Well Simon, since you asked . . I would take that tagline to be addressing the criticisms in the s4 that there were so many "circus side-show features" (as someone called them) no one was asking for like scrolling with your eyes or waving your hand over the phone like a jedi master; instead saying "these are helpful features you want" . . just imo.

Duh! Real innovation. .When it comes to water resistant. .and camera improvements. .plus faster processor. .wifi booster..better battery control. .better screen..and new finger print. .These are all new innovations compared to what all the older galaxy S's have...not even my Note 3 have any of all YES! Can't wait to receive my GS5 this Friday!!!

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What an incredibly boring commercial. I really hate "specs" commercials that show you statistics that you can easily find online. At least make it interesting if you're going to waste the time with advertising.

They figured they don't need to work hard in their commercials. .The galaxy s5 it's already loved by many fans no matter the spec's..

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Then don't put out any commercials. It seems kind of pointless.

BTW, it certainly not "loved" by everyone. I wouldn't use it if they gave one to me for free.

“Real innovation begins when inspired by what matters to you” sounds exactly like what a bunch of stereotypical marketing guys sitting around a table would come up with. It's a bland "we listen to customers" bone thrown to the masses. That said, they're going to sell oodles of this thing because they're going to drop a small nation's GDP worth of advertising on the world, and because it does seem like a pretty nice phone.

All $600 devices you carry with you every day for up to 2 years should be water resistant. And their battery should last 24 hours basically no matter what you do with it.

While I like the exterior build quality and front speaker set up of the M8, but I much prefer Samsung as a whole. Also, the photo comparisons show the S5 takes much better pictures in "most" situations, so I'll be upgrading from my S3 in the next few weeks.

Nasty piece of plastic crap. A massive marketing budget doesn't make a good device, it just keeps the sheeple in ignorant bliss.
Yes, I'm biased towards HTC, but spend any time using a One or One M8 and you'll appreciate why.