Samsung Galaxy Tab S

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets have been up for preorder for a week now, and they'll officially be available on June 27 at, Amazon, Best Buy, Sears and other locations.

The Wifi version of the 8.4-inch tablet is $399, and the 10.5-incher is $499. LTE models will come later this year on the major U.S. carriers.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets hit the streets June 27


Can't blame you for leaving the N10 I doubt we will see a new one at I/O
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I just pre-ordered mine, too, from Amazon. I could have done the same from Samsung and got a free case, too, but I didn't know when Sammy would start shipping units. I've seen in the past where the units are actually sent out before the release date and arrive right around the release date. I'm not sure this will happen this time, but I'm hoping. Currently, Amazon says the tablet is releasing on the 26th, and should arrive at my house on the 30th. I can't wait to see how true that is. Hopefully, they'll send the pre-ordered units out sooner than the actual release date. I'm crossing my fingers!

Sears' website indicates a July 10 release date and they seem to have the best deal with the $115 back in Shop Your Way points. :( (for the 10.5" model and overpriced free cover)

I hear you. Ordered mine from Best Buy after playing with their demo last week. I am typing this on my Tab Pro 10.1 right now but I am still under return date. I like this but decided to try the S 10.5. It's lighter, more RAM and the screen. We'll see which is preferable. I am not thrilled with all the comic bloatware.

Asking prices are too high considering the specs and sales on the existing Tab Pro models. I am going to hold out for a stronger SoC, 32GB internal storage and USB 3.0 connectivity. Samsung didn't do nearly enough to differentiate these new ones from their fleet of existing Tabs.

Exactly. I'll stick with my new tab pro 10.1 that's just a month old. Meets my needs just fine. Don't need to buy the S just to say I have the latest.

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Your argument is correct and normally I would scoff at the idea of upgrading from a Pro, but I am, not for bragging rights but rather, just for the fun of it. Getting my $400 refund on my PRO 10.1 and throwing in a $100 to have the S. Been buying this stuff since my first Tandy in 86 and never did impulse buying so, what the heck!

Have you the screens on these tablets on display at best buy? Easily worth the asking price IMO solely for the display...

US get it cheaper and a free case.... we pay more, don't even have the cases listed let alone free.

Thanks Samsung, favouring the US yet again =/

hoping we can maybe get a review of these things before the release day. i'm debating between which size to get, and then if i'd rather get an ipad instead.

It'd be better if they wait might be a big bug fixing update or something upon release not to mention the verge reviewing devices the second they get them and giving it a 7 because its not a iPhone

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By the time they get around to reviewing it, Samsung will have already released the Tab Pro S Elite Humpty Dumpty edition :P

I need some on-screen buttons, but that 10.1 inch models looks cool. The website shows the cover to go with it for no additional charge.

Anyone still using - AZON DEAL SHOPPER (just google it)? I haven't been able to see that gold box that gives you a list of any discount code for galaxy tabs. I save big everytime that I use this box, it's incredible.

Preordered it from Sears last week. Getting the free book cover AND 100,000 shop your way reward points (basically a 100 dollar store credit) made it the best deal between them, Amazon and Best Buy. My order status changed to "processing" over night, my card was charged, as well as my shop your way account was credited with the points, so hoping it will ship tonight and I will have it by the actual release date.