Samsung Galaxy S4 comes to Staples

If you're in the market for a new Samsung Galaxy S4 and need to pick up some printer toner, a pack of ballpoint pens, and a new label maker, then you might just want to get yourself to your nearest... Staples. The office supply store is now carrying the Galaxy S4 for all major US carriers (that'd be AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon), with varying availability in stores and online depending on your carrier of choice.

The Galaxy S4 for Sprint from Staples is available online only in 'white frost' or 'black mist' for $199.99 on a two-year contract (or $715.99 off contract). Going for Verizon (again, white or black) will be $179.99 with the standard two-year contract or $715.99 without, though they're currently on preorder and not expected to arrive in stores and ship until May 30. T-Mobile currently only has the white Galaxy S4 available via the Staples website ($249.99 on contract, $715.99 off) and it's supposedly available now in stores. AT&T's the current laggard in Staples availability, with the S4 only to be available in stores, with no publicly projected date of availability.

So go grab yourself a ream of paper, get some business cards printed, and pick up a Samsung Galaxy S4 while you're at it. Especially if you're looking at Verizon - it's $20 cheaper on contract through Staples than the carrier.

Source: Business Wire

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neonworm says:

Except they only have dummy ones on display. I guess you could talk to an employee and see if you could try it out.

Baldguy71 says:

Same thing at Target - just a "dumby" on display.

Dummy ;)

Baldguy71 says:

Thx - lol

And people bashed HTC for their OEM woes and not getting the One out on time. the SGS4 was announced how long ago, and dummy units are in all the carrier's store, and we're still not seeing the Real McCoy for another 3-4 weeks? Really, Sammy? What's the hold up? Why did you feel the rush to announce if you couldn't deliver?

That's what I call a textbook c-tease.

Hwood386 says:

Go to a At&t or T Mobile store and they have functional units!

Verizon comes out till 20

I think you mean Verizon hasn't released it, U.S. Cellular and AT&T have them in stock. Speaking of U.S. Cellular, why doesn't Staples carry the S4 for them?

jimbo says:

$716.00 for the dysfunctional (16 GB) 9 GB available internal memory undernourished model?

Why?? Why, when several other manufacturers have 32 GB & 64 GB models selling for much less.

How is it on contract with T-Mobile when they don't have contracts anymore?

combi06 says:


It's because, as AC mentioned in an older post, 3rd party re-sellers may still offer up contracts, even though T-mobile doesn't themselves anymore. Best Buy, Walmart, and RadioShack all do the same thing.

I will definitely have Best Buy price matching the Verizon model when it is finally released... I want my $50 gift card. :)

dd_terry says:

"The Galaxy S4 for Sprint from Staples is available online only in 'white frost' or 'black mist' for $199.99 on a two-year contract (or $715.99 off contract)."

So Staples is going to sell Sprint's S4 for $50 less than Sprint!!


MTKnife says:

That price for the Sprint S4 is $50 less than what everyone else is charging. I checked the Staples website for a price on the HTC One, and it's $149--also $50 less, with a $20 gift card on top of it. It looks like you still have to pay the $36 activation fee, though, but that's still $14 better than Best Buy, and you get the gift card. For a new account, Staples waives the activation fee, but doesn't mention Sprint's current $100-off promotion.

mrich70 says:

FYI...New has the S4 for $179 with new lines.

ayg says:

Maybe they'll forget they sell cellphones and you'll be able to use one of the percent off coupons on a full priced one here shortly.

At Staples they just give some kind of decoy of the phone