As we put the finishing touches to our definitive Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) review, why not take a few minutes to check out our complete video walkthrough of the phone. Samsung's latest flagship is a big deal for Android, and packs some bleeding edge hardware, in addition to plenty of software new tricks from the Korean manufacturer.

Move your eyes a few pixels upwards, and you'll find the video embedded for your convenience. Be sure to check back later today for the review!


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Samsung Galaxy S3 video walkthrough


But Alex's unit is a Quad-Core one! I'm still bummed about the fact that the US version will be getting a double-core chip :( No official announcement for my Country yet, but we're next to the US, I'm almost certain that's the version we'll be getting, too...

The S4 is a great chip from what I have seen and the US version will have 2GB Ram. This thing should be blazing fast!

RAM (Random Access Memory) doesn't determine speed of the device..It's no different in real life than 1GB version unless you're a heavy Gamer and that's about it. you sound like you're going to build a house in the extra available

I think you've underestimated how much RAM usage has blown up over the last year with ICS and especially with overlay skins, media apps, etc. Look at Sense: It essentially turned 1GB into 600MB with its bloat.

Ah but the dual core version works just as fast as the quad core version.
When scrolling pages or opening an app or browsing the web you will mostly be using
about half of both cores.

If you have ever rooted a phone and used a program like (setcpu) you would
notice (a 1.5ghz dual core) for example that the cpu runs around 380mhz
at idle.

Alex, does the GS3 have the ability to respond to bluetooth and voice commands when a security lock is enabled?

I always enable a pattern or pin lock on my phones. When I (briefly) had the GS2, if the phone had been idle long enough for the security to kick in, the phone wouldn't respond to my bluetooth commands unless I physically woke the phone up and unlocked it. My HTC Evo 4G didn't give me that same problem.

The GS2 also had no setting to "allow bluetooth bypass" (the feature that allows voice commands to be launched while the device is locked), like on my current Motorola. I'm curious as to whether Samsung has "corrected" this issue on the GS3. Will you speak to that?

Lol, "Will you speak to that?" This comment/question makes my day, it sounds so political, like something you would hear in the show "West Wing."

With all the comparisons showing the one x in dual core and quad core and the dual core keeping up with or out performing the quad, i think this is a non issue

It only outperformed the Tegra 3. The Tegra 3 is at the bottome of the poll. Exynos being on top for now until the next Krait comes out in a few months from now.

Tegra 3 is actually at the top, being built on the latest cortex A15 architecture, whereas the Exynos is still based off of the A9 architecture. Not to mention the Tegra is paired with a new GPU and not an overclocked older GPU.
Also Krait is the project name for the S4 chip, which already shows to keep up with or out-perform the Tegra 3 (Kal-El [is that the project name you were looking for?]) Therefore if the S4 is performing at how it's shown to perform, it already out-performs the current Exynos.

As much of a Samsung fan I am, I've rather have the S4 chip, than Samsung's Exynos chip, now if they were top speed up development of their A15 based Exynos quad core chips with LTE compatibility I'd be all over it.

What the hell are you talking about?? Tegra3 is A9 , I repeat Tegra3 is A9. It's no where near to A15 architecture. Exynos too is A9.

Tegra3 still uses single channel memory controller, a pathetic memory subsystem. Even the Exynos last gen (in SGS2) used dual channel memory controller. Exynos 4412 in SGS3 is actually using 128-bit internal bus instead of 64-bit used in all other A9.

Let's not talk about GPU, coz you are going to be seriously embarrassed. It's not even funny if you try to compare the GPU. So, I won't say anything more to humiliate you.

Just watched a head to head comparison of SGS2 and SGS3, Quad core doesn't outperforms dual core, even in gaming. You will not see difference in real life when it comes to processing speed, I prefer EVO LTE which is on par in performance and has awesome build quality and screen appears better than pentile display. I use the Medial Link and absolutely love that feature, camera is better than SGS3, Sense 4 is clearly blows touch wiz (Touch wiz is pretty ugly IMO) outa the water HTC radios(GPS and Cellular) are better than Samsung's (proven in the past)

This is a fairly "I'm justifying my phone over this phone" post but it is correct. Only until they have a full CyanagenMod 9.1 on this do I ever want to use a Samsung device. Even then, the radios are the Achilies heel. Lets hope they get it right for once.

There seemed to be issues with touch responsiveness. Was this just because you were focusing on the video at the same time?

I absolutely love the way the US Carriers have kept the INT. Look of the phone. The Home button has always been missed by the US customers. Makes me think about my Nexus One. This is one bad ass phone and I am torn between getting the Verizon or the T-Mobile version.I have accounts with both. The DL speeds I get with T-Mobile in the Boston area are sick. On my SGS2 I get on average during the day between 12-16 MB Down and 3-5 up. Those are great speeds for HSPA+ and not have to worry about battery issues with LTE. Verizon puts out some kick ass speeds as well, over 20 MB down in my area but the battery issue is the only problem. If I could afford it I would buy one on each Carrier. Thank You Samsung.

Dual core has the LTE chip integrated with the processor. This is supposed to save on battery life. One XL has the same thing for AT-AT. Only time will tell if this works though.

I wonder why the phone kept throwing him back to the home screen every time he used the camera. That would get old, fast. Is that intended or a bug?

That looks like a big to me. He was pressing Home quickly in a lot of spots but not at that point. US phones will be different, likely that software issue will be resolved by the time it shows up here. No way that would make it far. AC has some pre-release stuff I would assume... Then again I still can't make reliable calls on my Galaxy Nexus (mic mute issue)...

Doubt it. In the past the US versions came out like months after th international versions. This time it's less than 30 day launch difference.

No doubt there will be an update soon for the bugs though, like the One X.

I must say I was on the fence with this one. But I have 2 upgrades available on my Verizon acct right now & this just won me over. Alex has a very super sleek used car salesman like demeanor about his narration. It simply says sign me up.

Phil, get this guy doing more of these videos lol!

packs some bleeding edge hardware, Not in the U.S. I'll wait for a quad later this year.And Sprint can't get there LTE up.

This was an excellent review. I appreciate it. Whatever you're being paid, you deserve a raise.

I am sold. Samsung, take my money!

So you want a review 40 minutes after it comes out? Yeah I'd say 40 minutes is ample time to get a feel for the phone and how well it works or doesn't work. Forget actually USING the phone for a week, they should've just thrown together a piss poor and under-researched review so you wouldn't have been able to get onto them right?

Does anyone know if the SGS3 has a notification LED? I hate that my SGS Fascinate doesn't have that small but very useful feature.

Funny, I asked my phone, DINC 2, the same thing and it instantly popped up with the correct answer, although it didn't speak it, but it got it right. In the video, the S3 really took a long time to not get the answer right. That feature/app seems pretty lame to me.

I'm a long time Sprint customer, 10+ years. I totally am geeking over Galaxy S III. I'm seriously considering abandoning Sprint and going with Verizon because I want the new device and I want LTE now and Verizon will have both the phone and the network. Sprint makes it hard to stay with 3G only services, and only promises of LTE deployment with no firm time frames or markets.

Anyone else considering leaving Sprint to get better speed?

I feel your pain man...been a Sprint customer for 12 years and I never had too many complaints. But now that I've had a EVO 3D smartphone for a year I'm already getting tired of the slow data speeds. Verizon seems to be pretty solid right now with good coverage in most places including 4G. I don't see any downside to switching right now...since cell phone companies are always making you upgrade your plan forcing you to be on their most current pricing structure(albeit more expensive) everytime you upgrade your phone, you could always go back to Sprint for the same price in 2 years if you weren't happy with Verizon. I no longer get some great discount with Sprint like I did back in the day when you could negotiate your rates before smartphones came along, might as well give Verizon a shot.