Galaxy S III

As required under the GPL, Samsung has released its kernel source code for the (international) Galaxy S III -- the Linux core upon which Android is based. The code's available right now from the Samsung open source repository, and while it won't be of much use to regular users, custom ROM makers will undoubtedly be pouring over the code in the days and weeks ahead. 

The emergence of kernel source for a newly-released device isn't surprising, but it is great to see code appearing online just a day or so after the official street date. Community developers now have plenty of time to get to grips with Samsung's kernel, which will hopefully result in better custom ROMs for Galaxy S III owners.

To grab the kernel source for yourself, hit the link below.

Source: Samsung Open Source

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Hmm. That's the first picture that's made me want a white one.

kboss375 says:

agreed, never was a real fan of white on a phone, or that button, but it looks good there

the Rhyno says:

looks like the phone is sitting on a moldy piece of concrete, so in contrast...anything would look good next to that.

robbiekhan says:


What about this one!
(my picture, btw).

the Rhyno says:

agreed...that is pretty sexy

Nev says:

How's the camera on that scoundrel? I'm up for an upgrade...

Ooh yeah!

That's awesome news!

tokuzumi says:

Way to go Samsung! And HTC wonders why they are losing market share...

judasmachine says:

More evidence that you really should look at an actual phone before making your decision.

glazedfaith says:

BOOM. English'd.

But anyway, it'll be awesome to see what they come up with.

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