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Guten tag, mein freund! A listing for the Samsung Galaxy S3 has appeared on the German Amazon site, complete with an "Add to Cart" and "Add to Wishlist" button. Go add it to your wishlist if you want, we'll wait. It's not unusual to see placeholder pages for highly anticipated new electronics weeks before they are available, or even announced, but there's an interesting twist here.

That twist is the listed specs. Nobody who's talking knows what they are, and everything you've read so far is an educated guess. I'll say it again, in terms that can't be misconstrued -- only the folks at Samsung involved with the product know the specs. They aren't telling anyone, and we're all just guessing and amalgamating all the rumors. But as the folks at point out, Amazon may have to list real specifications to allow for a pre-order of sorts by dropping it in your wishlist. Here's what Amazon has to say about the SGS3:

  • 11.9 (4.7 inches) Super AMOLED touchscreen with 16 million colors
  • 12-megapixel camera with autofocus, LED flash and face detection
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system
  • 16 GB of internal memory, expandable up to 32GB
  • Delivery: Phone, battery, charger, data cable, headset, manual (Note: exact scope of delivery are not known)

I'll go out on a limb and say that at least two items from that list are true -- it will ship with ICS, and the "exact scope of delivery are not known". As for the rest? We're not lawyers. We're definitely not German commerce law specialists, no matter how much beer we drink or how many Knödel we eat. It is neat fuel for the SGS3 fire, so have at it boys and girls. We're just going to wait until May 3 and find out in London.

Source: Amazon (German); via Androidnext



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Samsung Galaxy S III appears on Amazon Germany, sort of


Did u try to ask if it is pentile my love? Because u said is it pentile my life? Instead (Mein Leben)my life, is has to be (Meine Liebe) my love.

No :-) it's a Wolfenstein 3D reference and the only German I know. Likely before your (most people living) time.

This phone will be the iPhone 4s of android phones. The phone will get a unsurpassed amount of of media hype. People will speculate outlandish expectations for the phone and when it is released and it is still a great device they will rage on the blogs, Scream on the forums, and cry in the streets. Where art thou 1080p screen, where is the 2gb of ram things they do not need they will cry that the phone does not have because they assumed some outlandish guess it would. Galaxy S III I hope its great.

I can't imagine anything being as pathetic as the 4s launch. Even the biggest apple fanboy can't deny that. Better battery life + siri = total failure. The iphone 4 was already behind the times before it was released and the 4s just made it worse.

How exactly was the iPhone 4 behind????? Android phones only got 720p screens a year and a half later! The Retina Display was the selling point an rightfully so.
But also, only when the iPhone got a front facing camera apps started supporting it, so basically the only reason you have skype video calls on your android phone is the i4 release. The iPhone 4 was also the thinnest smartphone in the world when it was released, and its camera impressed everyone, being considered the best camera on a phone for a long time. Seriously, the iPhone 4 was a pretty big influence over all other phones.

The SIII will still be a NEW phone. It's going to look different, if the leaked video is accurate then it won't have a big bezel and no button.
The 4S was the same phone with Siri and dual core, not a SINGLE cosmetic change, that to me is an incremental upgrade. The SIII is changing more than just the CPU. I'm going to feel a lot better about getting this than I would getting a 4S, which would have made me feel like an idiot. I would have rather got a 4 and saved the money a month over getting mugged off.

Not true the Evo had everything already before the iPhone 4. Front facing camera video chat apps like yahoo google talk and qik and that before the iPhone 4s finally got all of it like a yeah later? Very pathetic really.