Samsung Galaxy S II LTE HD

It seems that British retailer Mobicity may have jumped the gun with the announcement of a new high-end smartphone from Samsung -- the Galaxy S II HD. The device appeared on Mobicity's site today, alongside a promotional blurb promising "a larger, higher resolution screen and more battery power."

So the Samsung Galaxy S II HD, in case you hadn't guessed, is a Samsung Galaxy S II with an HD (720p) screen. The display size and CPU speed have also been increased, to 4.65 inches and 1.5GHz respectively. We first saw the device in Korea back in September, although the Korean variant was packing an LTE radio as well the larger screen and bumped-up specs. It's worth noting that Mobicity is using old promotional photos from the Korean version on its site, rather than any new images.

Veteran mobile blog MoDaCo notes that Mobicity's Australian counterpart is also listing the phone, again with images of the Korean version and specs which include the larger HD SuperAMOLED screen and faster CPU, as well as Android 2.3 Gingerbread and an 1850 mAh battery.

As always with retailer links, this is far from confirmation of the device's arrival in the UK or Australia. But given the rate at which Samsung's launching Android smartphones these days, we certainly wouldn't be surprised to see a refreshed Galaxy S II arriving internationally, alongside Samsung's hero device for 2012.

Source: Mobicity; via: MoDaCo


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Samsung Galaxy S II HD spotted on retailer websites


Instead of creating a Galaxy S II HD, why don't they just save the HD part for the Galaxy S III? I don't really see the point of creating so many different iterations of the Galaxy S II.

A bigger screen and marginally faster processor don't strike me as being enough for a generational leap in nomenclature, though.

I don't mean for this phone to be the Galaxy S III. I mean for Samsung to save the HD feature for the Galaxy S III, along with all the other upgrades the Galaxy S III will bring (probably an NFC chip, quad-core, etc), in order for it to seem like an even bigger leap over the Galaxy S II. With all the new features they are already tacking onto newer Galaxy S II models, I'm starting to wonder exactly how much Samsung will differentiate the Galaxy S III from the II.

But maybe this is the next phone (GS III). Maybe samsung is gonna continue to copy apple a la iphone 4 -> 4S instead of 5. Maybe there wont be a Galaxy S III announced at MWC but instead just this, GS II HD
(in disclosure i dont like apple and i love my galaxy nexus)
i hope there is a GSIII but othet than screen bump to HD (necessitating larger size) and mild processor bump there isnt much else Sammy can add to the phone. Yes Quad core exynos would rock, but is it ready?

I think they doing the same idea as Apple do with iPhones, if design is the same and they just change insides, they leave the number and add S, which in Samsung is HD :p

They will keep tweaking the specs and reselling it as many times as Joe Public will buy it. I guess they figure when you have a good thing push it until they get sick of it. It is a great phone but I am buying the new Razr Maxx.

Its funny cuz moto is doing the same exact thing youre saying Samsung is doing with the razor Max. Except worse.At least Samsung waited almost a full year before coming out with this unlike motor who waited just about a month ha

Is exactly why I still have my OG basically first day available evo4g. Granted I finally got into the whole rooting thing and I guess still pretty dam happy with the phone. Seems to still run circles round my friends iphone and keep up with all the apps and new phones..? Maybe a true "new evo4g " kick-stand and all. Would have me ready to upgrade. Does this Make any sense?

How can manufacturer's still release phones that -

1) have physical buttons
2) don't run ICS

It's sheer madness and goes to show just how fragmented Android still is. Why can't Google require all new phones to ship with ICS?

Why do you people care its not for the states! They make money from selling phones not software and its up to the carriers to decide what they want.

Ahhh Samsung, you pushy SOBs, you couldn't just wait until the S III to pack in HD could you. Guess who is stuck with last gen phones now... WE ARE! Nice release though...

Maybe they are waiting on the HD superamoled plus displays and exynos processors that are compatible with LTE before releasing the GSIII.

This accomplishes a couple things for Samsung. First, it keeps their sales up on a phone that is just now starting to be considered "old". Second, this is a way for them to test any new hardware in the mass market before releasing in a major phone revision and work out the kinks.

Seeing how many version are there for the S2, im surprised they haven't had the darn chance to fix their freaking GPS already >:(