Samsung Galaxy S II

With Bell, Virgin Mobile and SaskTel having all already confirmed the Samsung Galaxy S II as coming to Canada we were left wondering when the devices would arrive on their respective carriers. What was once rumored to be a July 14 release date for Bell has now confirmed to of have been moved to July 21.  Reason being Bell wants to ensure adequate supply will be available as they anticipate a high demand when it hits store shelves -- we won't ague that.

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Samsung Galaxy S II coming to Bell July 21


This is torture of the highest degree. Not saying AC shouldn't cover it though as it's important, and shows just how annoyingly slow our carriers seem to be...especially Verizon. Granted, testing of the phones is one want's a crappy user experience, but still...

If it makes you feel any better, us Canadians are used to being on the other end of the envy scale. Like with almost everything else. Always.

yeah, there is some justice in this. Still it sucks big time that the "first world" us is many months behind in getting technology like this.

when is the phone come to Telus? A friend of mine works there and said the Samsung rep there was a July release date for Telus. But I have not seen anywhere say anything about it.

I think they should have just released it. I lost my phone last Friday and have been waiting this week. Lots of stores have stock in already. I played with the demo yesterday at Future shop. The Source also said they have stock in but couldn't sell me the phone until Friday.

My Sprint upgrade is not to November so I will have time to play with this and the 3d, and any other high end phone that comes out until then. I love my EVO 4g and I gave my last full year upgrade to my wife so she could get the EVO 3d. I have played with the 3d and it is a great phone. I have not had any problems or lag what so ever, BUT I love playing games on my 4g and I want something that has raw power. If the emu devs can make their emus dual core compatible then I might go for the 3d. I love the features of sense 3.0, but after playing some n64 games on the 3d and watching the SGSII vids of people playing n64 games, the SGSII ran a lot smoother then the 3d. I like the SGSII screen but I also like the qHD screen on the 3d and how well it fits everything together. Decisions decisions.......

Not sure what you guys think, but I'm starting to doubt that this delay has nothing to do the with the US carriers themselves. Perhaps it's essentially related to the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit?? I'm not very savvy when it comes to legal matters like this, but perhaps with the lawsuit being 'active' Samsung isn't able to finalize the release in the US??
It's either that, or maybe all US carriers have listened to Samsung's desire to delay until fall so they can compete with the iPhone 5 like they never did before and gain new grounds in the world of cellphone manufacturing pioneering.

I'm supposed to renew contract with Verizon and if this magical phone doesn't make it in a month I will have to settle with the Droid Charge, which is a very good 'alternative' to the SGS2.

Or maybe I should move to Canada?? lol

I'm gonna assume that since Bell is releasing the phone on this date that Virgin Mobile and Telus will also be releasing it the same date. Assume that is... anyone heard anything to confirm this?

We actually got sent a recall on all the stock of Samsung Galaxy S2 devices for a reflash so I'm guessing they missed something in the OS and are having to delay the launch to get the new batch of up to date SGS2s out to the stores.

Maybe they need to install the app that finds new and innovative ways to overcharge us for our data plans...

If they delay release of the SGS2 much further they will run into the iphone 5 and maybe in December the Nexus prime (also Samsung I admit). I wonder should I have bought it unlocked? Amazon has it now for under $700.