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You've seen the Samsung Galaxy Note announcements, now watch the official demo videos, where you get a good sense at how the stylus thing's going to work, as well as a few of the features of "a new type of smartphone."

One more video's after the break.

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Samsung Galaxy Note official videos


journalists (and esp. sports journalists) who interview in teh field can use this to take written notes without having to use a big tablet. Think about it, they could record voice, make notes, video and take pictures all with one device...and then upload to HQ

May not be for everyone but it is damn sure what I need. I was looking at tablets last night and this seems like a much better solution for my needs.

This is definitely what I need. My Thunderbolt is not as big as I'd imagine & this would be the perfect size for me to still fit it in my pockets, make calls, browse the web & watch videos(Netflix)with my 4yr. The S-pen and HD screen would be a bonus. This would avoid me getting a Tablet and have to walk around with 2 devices.

I'll be the first to admit that it would look pretty damn goofy holding that up to my head to talk, but for a device that would serve the role of tablet and phone, I'm almost sold. Pen is a nice bonus too.

I have to admit, I'm taken by the pen. The fact it has built-in storage for it is excellent. If I ever go back to using a phone, this is a very compelling option.

I like. Huge HD SAMOLED screen for something that is relatively pocketable. Since I don't wear skinny jeans, this shouldn't be a problem for me.

I am surprised that I want this, but I think I do. I don't really like having two devices. It will be hard to get me off the Nexus line, but with the big screen and built in stylus, I might be sold.

talk to me - i've been wanting to do that for quite some time now. I have considered buying the Nook Color, and even the Galaxy Tab 7". Now I'm in search of the $99 HP TouchPad which would be an amazing size for a car stereo... anyway... how would you do it? Are there apps that could connect it to my phone via bluetooth to use my phone's data and stream my phone's music? How would you set it up in your car? Pls share...

so when can we expect to see this 2013. I hate these announcements and then by the time it arrives there is ten things just like it but better and who cares. I would love to have this and would put up good money to have it. Feeling a little burned on verizon was patiently waiting for the galaxy II. Big fan of the samsung tech. My first droid was fascinate so I've never experienced a different version and am very pleased with what I have. Have no interest in a bulky htc or dark gloomy motorola. That's just my preference I like my fancy screen and cheapo light phone casing. Feels good and solid in the hand with the phone case on. I love touch wiz and don't want to be without it. Don't like the charge looks like my old bb storm(in shape). Hated that phone. So whats a girl to do with no ffc I sit in misery waiting and waiting and waiting BLAH LOL

Oddly enough, I kind of want one but that's probably just the tech geek in me wanting to play with a new toy.

Not really a fan of Sammy, but this thing does look pretty great, if it comes to Sprint, I might have a very hard choice of keeping my 3D or jumping on this thing.

I've been holding out with my Nexus One for a new Nexus phone but this looks like it might be exactly what I want. The Nexus One is showing it's age with limited memory and my eyes are showing their age wanting a larger display!

Need to wait for more detailed specs but if it is available sooner rather than later and is at the right price I will be sorely tempted.

wow if I knew this was coming to sprint or tmobile in the near future I would hold off getting the GS2 but since this will probably not hit states till middle of next year, I'm still getting the GS2.

This is pretty innovative! Samsung has definitely surprised me. If this is coming state-side, I might even consider it. I think that even just a wifi version would be nice to use as a sort of ipod rival.

I just realized this just killed HTC's Flyer.
Smaller form factor. More useful as a phone. Higher dot density. Hopefully the stylus is accurate enough.

The Stylus really makes it more than Dell's Streak and viable as a phone replacement despite its size, because it adds more utility. I'd agree that they should just ditch the home button and hopefully the next generation w/ Ice Cream Sandwich support will do that...I'd buy it then because it won't have as much wasted space and I don't think I'd complain as long as it's like drawing on a screen...

damn I want one..jeez that thing is sexy and with 4g LTE takes the still wondedring what the prime will bring to the table but im at a lost for words for this device.

would be a great device for drug reps (pharma) replaces their cell phone and little crappy laptop they use for Doctor's signatures.

Also imagine FedEx or UPS giving this to their drivers rather than those big bulky pads. Its a phone, gps, signature pad, etc all in one. kinda cool...

Yeah its great for a Young teenage mind like mine but HOW will i be able to text in class??? And cant wait to see a Android Central hands-on.

think you're spot on there.
seems to me this will suit people who still rely on day planners.. if they still exist lol! but there is a business market for these as well I'm sure people out there that feel anything sub 5" isn't big enough.. Netflix would be nice on this I suppose.. and angry birds ;) and instead of 2 devices and 2 data plans you kinda get both :)