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You could argue that the real star of the show at Samsung's recent Unpacked event in Berlin was the Galaxy Camera -- an Android 4.1-powered point-and-shoot with one of the largest screens around, backed up by powerful editing and sharing features from Samsung. We gave a general overview of the device in our first hands-on preview, and today we're bringing you a full walkthrough of the features you'll find in the most important application on the device -- the camera app.

The camera app is what you're presented with when you first start up the Samsung Galaxy Camera. From there, you can get to taking pictures, or hit the home button to jump back to the standard TouchWiz launcher. As a dedicated imaging device, the Galaxy Camera offers a wide range of features that go above and beyond the standard smartphone camera. From the main menu, you can choose between Auto, Casual, Smart Pro and Expert. Auto is, as you might expect, a mode that attempts to automatically adjust to whatever you're shooting based on lighting conditions and other factors. Hop into casual mode, and you'll be able to apply a number of nifty real-time effects to the images you're shooting -- and this menu is also where you'll find Panorama mode and similar options.

Next up is the much-touted Smart Pro, which lets you shoot "professional" quality images using a number of "pro" modes. For example, you'll find a dedicated macro mode, blue sky mode, fireworks more and more under this menu, allowing you to quickly switch to a shooting mode that matches what you want to capture. Finally, for those who want to mess about with ISO, exposure levels and apertures, there's expert mode.

Check out our hands-on video after the break. We've also got a handful of images showing off the camera interface in all its glory.


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Samsung Galaxy Camera - camera app hands-on


"important application on the phone -- the camera app."

Is this a typo or is the device a phone as well?

I would think that most of this wouldn't work on a standard camera phone as the fixed lenses do not have the same options and settings that would be required by many of the advanced features.

See... I'm not a person would buy a point and shoot. But this thing is too awesome, and i might just get it just to get it just because its awesome.

Are ALL manufacturers on meth now? The biggest power drainer on a camera aside from the telephoto motor is the SCREEN. This is why they provide POWER MANAGEMENT functions in the menus.

Now the brilliant minds at Samsung create not just a marginally larger screen than the 3" standard, but absurdly large. So much for all day shooting with your dedicated camera. And where exactly will you grip this "phonacam" when shooting pics? Also bye-bye one handed operation since without that grip, there's nowhere to anchor your thumb.

Grip? No problem! Just get one of the hideous external flash handles. You wont know where NOT to hold it!

To your point about battery life, that's going to be in the pudding. The new LCDs (yes this camera is not going to use the AMOLED screen we are so fond of) are hyper-efficient, something like 30% less power usage even at full brightness, compared to AMOLED. With the right backlight control, it could really stretch the battery on this guy. And why not just carry around an extra batt or two? They go in and out easy enough.

Also, anyone else amused at how much Korenglish is found in the menus?