Xfinity app

During Samsung's CES Keynote Thursday, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts spent a little time with the Xfinity application, both on a smart TV and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  We've been told this was coming, and it looks really cool.  Not only can you change the channel on your cable box, you can find content and watch it right on your Android device.  Social media and live TV playback are coming soon, so it's likely the app will launch without either.

Speaking of launch, no details about when, or OS requirements were announced. Hurry Comcast, we've waited patiently long enough.


Reader comments

Samsung and Comcast demo Xfinity app on the Galaxy Tab


Well, maybe they suck for you. They are great here. My only gripe is their xfinity app is meh to me. Would be nice if i can change channel from my phone.

I agree. If xfinity can make it work with the DVR/cable box to replace the remote, like Logitech Harmony, I will have to reinstall it.

After the Xfinity App twice changed my check mail settings from manually to hourly, I removed it.

I just want to be able to change the channel while my GF is watching something I am sitting in my office on the other side of the house.