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Since it emerged that the AT&T Galaxy Note's hardware supported T-Mobile's HSPA frequencies, there's been a cash bounty out for anyone able to bring Tmo 3G and '4G' connectivity to the device. Now it may be time for someone to collect that reward, as a method involving copying over parts of radio firmware from other devices has resulted in success.

The method, discovered by hacker 'Tomin.FHL,' requires users with rooted, SIM-unlocked AT&T Notes to download and flash specific parts of a radio file from another phone through ClockworkMod recovery. And that's pretty much it. Though obviously you'll well and truly void your warranty in the process, which means you'll be on your own if something goes wrong (like, say, bricking your phone because you flashed a hacked radio onto it).

Over on XDA​, various forum members have tried the hack with varying levels of success. The general consensus seems to be that it works, though you can expect slower HSPA data rates than you'd get on an officially-sanctioned Tmo device. If you're understand the risks, you'll find more info over at the source link.

Source: XDA; via: TechCrunch


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Radio transplant brings AT&T Galaxy Note to life on T-Mobile's '4G' HSPA+


Ahh!! I'd totally buy this phone full price! I'm gonna follow that thread and see how much it improves over time. How exciting! Got the Tmo GSII right now and I just want a bigger screen!

Great for people in a very fast T-Mobile HSPA+ area like me. Getting over 10 MB down and over 3 MB up, these are day time speeds. In my area (Boston Suburb) AT&T reports they have HSPA+ but after more then I want to count attempts at opening and closing AT&T accounts the Advanced Back Haul which is needed to get the HSPA+ speeds has not yet been turned on. But I will say that AT&T has their LTE up and running. Some areas are getting good speeds but Verizon is still much faster.

I'm a T-Mobile user who really really wants this phone, but it still seems a bit of a shaky fix for me to put down that kind of money to buy a Note outright. So I'll either wait and see what kind of long term success this has, or I might spend the extra $15 a month and put the thing on Straight Talk with their AT&T SIM.