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Today brings more Galaxy Note 2 leakage, though we'd put more stock in this latest photo than the questionable render that showed up 24 hours ago. The latest leaked photo comes from French site Nowhereelse, and claims to show the front panel and screen of the upcoming large form factor phone. From the setting and the way the two figures in the background are dressed, it looks like this sample may have just rolled off the production line. What's more, the ruler indicates that this screen is approximately 14cm -- or 5.5 inches -- diagonally, tying in with earlier rumors that a bump up to a 5.5-inch panel was on the cards.

More interesting is the fact that if you measure the aspect ratio of the screen, it's 16:9, not 16:10, indicating a transition to a full widescreen resolution. That, combined with the minimal amount of bezel on show, suggests that this device should be easier to hold than the original Note, or competitors like LG's squarish Optimus Vu. It also looks like Samsung's opted for a similar button setup to the Galaxy S3 and international Galaxy Note, with a large central home button and capacitive keys at either side.

However, we should mention that Samsung is now well-versed in the art of foiling online leakers and rumor-mongers. The company even designed and manufactured several alternate designs for the Galaxy S3, one of which leaked out multiple times, and bore no resemblance to the device we now know as the Samsung Galaxy S3. So while we expect the basic dimensions and aspect ratio of the Note 2 to resemble what we see here, this might not exactly match what we see in Berlin in a couple of weeks.

Stay tuned to AC for full coverage of the Galaxy Note 2 as we approach the Aug. 29 announcement event.

Source Nowhereelse, via: Engadget


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Purported Samsung Galaxy Note 2 front panel photo leaks


I'm loving the screen size increase from my GNex to my S3. I'd really like to see this on Verizon so I can continue my screen fetish.

That's quite impressive. I wonder what the dimensions are in comparison to the previous Note. With such a thin bezel it would be possible to fit all 5.5 in in the same size body.

that's a black rectangle. Clearly within the scope of Apple's patents... :-P
Samsung is pissing them off on purpose... :-D

I'm planning on upgrading to a Galaxy Note II when it comes out, I just hope that a 5.5 inch screen on a phone is still easily pocketable, because I really want that larger display.

this seems more legit than than the leak yesterday morning and this has completely different dimensions. the previous rendering was crap

I guess you like to reach to the very top of your phone for the power button.

While i prefer to tap home and unlock.

Much fast and easier, same with Xperia Arc

one of the greatest things about having a button.

The guy who took the picture appears to be in a clean room. Notice the booties and down draft flooring.

If they are going with 16:9 then it better be better than 720p. I don't care about pentile or not, but do not want to lose any pixels. So I really hope they are going higher resolution like 1600x900 or full 1080p, otherwise I will stick with the current model.

Agreed. I will never own another pentile screen again. They look like pixelated garbage.

with choices available in Android ecosystem you should be able to find the phone that is right for you, unfortunately Samsung keeps screwing up my dream phone with that stupid damn home button! and HTC wasted good materials by limiting the battery and internal storage in the one series, even with the impressive hardware these new phones are less usable than the original lte phones from a year ago... at least for me.....

might take slack from everyone but still rather have my tbolt... waiting impatiently for a phone worth upgrading to... rezound is nice but won't upgrade to an almost year old phone, and nexus doesn't hack it as far as a phone goes, I work on the water and need a working signal for emergencies...

That's a big damn phablet. My EVO LTE is almost too big at a 4.7inch screen. Anything larger becomes uncomfortable in the pocket and even the EVO LTE is bigger than I would want in my pocket. I can't really forget it is there like I would like. Anything bigger and I would just use my 7 inch tablet since I would have to carry it in a bag or outside my pocket anyway.

Patiently waiting for the GALAXY NOTE 2 arrival. Samsung will announce that they will launching the Note 2 just like they did earlier this summer with the Galaxy S3. Coming to At&t and Tmobile first and Sprint Secondly Verizon won't be seeing this bad boy. Verizon loves LG and are rolling with HTC on there Note competitor which is fine for Samsung. One less carrier to make this device for the better for everyone.