Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Can't get enough of the Note Edge? Here's every single picture we have of it

We all expected to see a Galaxy Note 4 unveiled at Samsung's September press event, but what we didn't expect is the Note Edge. With a crazy curved display that shows secondary information and helps you multitask, it's quite an interesting device to see. Just in case you wanted to see even more of the Note Edge, we've rounded up every single picture that we have of it into one big gallery. Enjoy!


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In pictures: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge


USA! Would sell what ever they can to get this phone! Plus the watch! Well good that been stocking up on Best Buy Gift cards. I'm ready for The 4 and the watch! My son can have my Note 2

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What more needs to be said today. The Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge arrives and destroys any and all in it's path not to mention the Gear S.

Shut down all other events for the rest of the week. We won't even discuss the Gear VR nothing else will come close to that for a long while.

It's pretty plain and definitely simply nothing else matters period.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Pfffft I'll take the Nexus X "shamu" whatever it's called over this garbage any day!

Posted via NSA Spy Van 37...... Free candy??

Definitely very useful when sitting in your desk. The ruler is useful somewhat. And the camera buttons are pretty cool. Overall pretty nifty feature. Only downfall I see is protecting the screen. And if it does break, a replacement will be crazy.

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Wouldn't pay a premium for this.

On a different note: glad they got rid of the fat USB3 port in favor of the USB2 (in prep for the next reversible USB connector (on the Note5 presumably))

Not feeling this much. Having the technological capability should not always lead to using it, at least not until you find a valid reason to.

Ummm... how would someone hold this in a natural manner and without touching the screen? I think the smaller bezel movement is misguided to begin with, but this is ridiculous. I already touch my One M8's screen accidentally far too much.

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I didn't read everything but I imagine this area is not touch sensitive.
As a leftie I'm trying to figure if it being on the right is a good thing.
Great for desk top use, as said.

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I do like the Note 4 but i'm disappointed that it doesn't have 4gig memory or a mini hdmi port. The ability to hide the buttons would have been cool too

Looks interesting, definitely not an Apple ripoff. Using the edge for buttons and other things could be very handy. But I have dropped every phone I've owned except my current HTC1, and I figure that is just a matter of time. Unless that is Sapphire, they better have one heck of a generous replacement policy.

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Well having only one hand and it's the left hand and it uses the Note 3 with no problems. I bet it would say no big deal.

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love it, cant criticize samsung for building the future n addin advanced technology to this world, haters n iphone lovers will hate but all in all samsung is the one pushing towards the future n thats who i stick wit, cant wait to buy