Pebble 2.0 for Android

A quick heads up, folks, that the official Pebble app got an update Saturday evening to address a couple of major bugs.

Here's the changelog:

  • Stability improvements throughout the app
  • Fix issue in which users were stuck at "Starting installation..." during setup

We wouldn't go so far to say that the app's now what we'd expect from Pebble — it's still way more sluggish and a little unwieldy than we'd like. But these are good fixes, and a step in the right direction.

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Reader comments

Pebble 2.0 gets a much-needed stability update


Dumb luck on my part, I guess, but the updates from beta 11 and the release, then the 2.0.13 updates ran with no problems.

And I still can't disconnect my stupid watch from the app. I get it's not ready for multi decide (which was what I was using the Pebble for - so I think this app should have stayed beta but that's something else).

Am I expected you're to keep the watch connected to my device all day?? What if I want to disconnect it for a not? I have to go through the entire process of pairing and un-pairing it?!

Posted via Android Central App

Had trouble installing the initial 2.0 on my Galaxy S4. Tried this version and it's still not working. Currently using the beta version.

It still likes to randomly forget that its paired. Even though it looks fine in the bt options menu. This is leaps and bounds past beta 8 at least.

Posted via Android Central App