Work continues on Open webOS for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (and likely will for some time), and today the webOS Ports team has brought a video of UI scaling. As you can see, it's looking more and more like a working smartphone user interface (and animation is getting pretty smooth, too), though we wouldn't recommend getting anywhere near this as a daily driver yet.

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Open webOS on the Galaxy Nexus is starting to look good


So, say this kicks off, does anyone really think it'll become more than just a project? I mean, what about app support and all of that good stuff? Or am I over thinking things?

Apps is the number one reason why I ditched webOS. I need certain apps to function on my smartphone and tablet, otherwise they are nothing more than fancy toys.

I hope they can make this a viable alternative, I'm just not sure how anyone is going to lure major app developers to put time into porting their apps to open webOS, and then maintaining them with updates.

I just looked at the "Top Paid" in the Play Store and compared the apps to webOS. The App Catalog had 85% of them including Office Apps, Calculators, some fitness apps, and of course games which Gameloft, GLU Mobile, EA, Astraware and others have its of games there. It was always the one-off niche apps (and Netflix) that webOS didn't have.

Together with the wireless inductive charger that was shown, I pray this project continues to flourish and makes its way to the Nexus 4.

As much as I had hoped for that to come to pass, I haven't seen any evidence that it is nothing more than vaporware. I certainly didn't hold my breath expecting it.

I'm a member of the Phoenix Devices Open WebOS Project. Yes, x2breakoffate. There is something huge coming within the next year or so... I'm working on this huge thing among others, and we are indeed working on something far beyond just porting to a random slew if devices. But what the project is... Well... You'll just have to wait and find out ;)