Samsung Galaxy S running Gingerbread

Whenever a new version of Android is released, one thing you can always count on is the developer community hacking it onto as many devices as they can.  Using the kernel and system image from the Nexus S, developer supercurio of XDA Developers was able to get a (mildly) working build of Gingerbread up and running on his Samsung Galaxy S

Although it's a rather crippled build -- and it'll cost you GPS, Wi-Fi, voice, and camera functionality -- it's definitely a step in the right direction.  Every good custom ROM starts with a buggy, near useless build -- these things don't happen overnight.

Check out a video of the Galaxy S running Gingerbread after the break.


As you can tell it seems to run pretty smoothly, and it will only get better with time.  If you're a Galaxy S owner, and want to dig deeper, check out supercurio's thread.  He hasn't published a flashable ZIP file yet, so you might have to wait a bit on that.  But if you're feeling really ambitious, you can bring this monster to life on your own.  [XDA]


Reader comments

Nexus S Gingerbread ported to Galaxy S -- not quite ready for prime time yet


do you guys think they are going to make it work with non gsm phones like the fascinate from verizon?
oh yeah and first!

Can't wait to see this on my captivate. I was thinking I'd be lucky to get it by christmas. Now I wouldn't be surprised to get a near fully working build within the week. Love XDA, been running Froyo and could well be running gingerbread before stupid Samsung hands out official froyo.

Running on my EVO....Pretty good so far.

Wifi, SMS, Phone, Contact Sync, Native Wifi Tether all working so far.

Yeah, I love my epic but the fact that its taking THIS LONG to get official Froyo when its been out for so long is terrible! Eman is right, we'll probably be running gingerbread by the time they push froyo. Would be nice for sure :)

This whole thing with "in the near future" reminds me of fiasco with palm pre. seems like so much whining, disappointment and hidden bitterness among the "true webos faithful" all because of waiting for this "near future"

Still, I'm so glad I made a jump to the epic. )

Love my vibrant. Looking forward to seeing a glitch-free gingerbread ROM running- while samsung bumbles around looking foolish.