Well, folks. Looks like it's official. We're live at the U.S. launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. It's an all-new GNote, revamped from what we saw in February at Mobile World Congress.

Want all the deets? Hit the break for the liveblog! Show gets going about 11 a.m. EDT.

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Shiz yeah!

SamOliver says:

Can't wait for the details!

SamOliver says:

Apparently it goes on sale tomorrow!

$499 for 16gb and $549 for 32gb

smotrs says:

I want one and those prices seem pretty reasonable. :)

Probably still on Honeycomb like the rest of their maxi-pads.

You wear maxi-pads? AWKWARD!!!!

jmgnole says:

Just gimme the Pen. I'd drop some money on the (not a)stylus if it worked that way on my N7 or A500.

Davest says:

Frak...just bought a TF700 a few days ago. It may well be going back...

sledgie#AC says:

I think mine is... As much as I like the look of the beautiful screen, there's not much i can do with it. Opera is awkware, Gallery redraws pics from blurry to clear no matter what performance level I'm on. 90% of the apps/games I can't use and NO i don't want to buy the HD version. TF700 screen is sometimes hit or miss. When I want to put it on performance mode sometimes I hit the button 2, 3 times and it doesn't work until i drop the menu down and pull it back up. Wifi's range is great but throughput is poor and I'm getting wifi drops - I hope that will be fixed but sorry I can't wait any longer. I need something for productivity that is stable and doesn't slow down. Too bad too, because I love the dock but I'll manage with an Apple BT keyboard and BT mouse if i need it. Wish the GN 10.1 had usb connectivity.