Ready 4 the show

It's our liveblog of Samsung's Galaxy S4 launch event, live from NYC!

We're live the Radio City Music Hall in New York City for what is expected to be the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S4, easily the most anticipated Android phone since the Galaxy S3. Bigger? Better? Faster? More features? All likely talking points going into tonight's event.

The event officially kicks off at 7 p.m. EDT. That's 4 p.m. on the left coast, and 11 p.m. in the UK. Bookmark this page. Leave it open. E-mail it to your friends and family. 

And join us after the break for the one and only Android Central liveblog of Samsung's Galaxy S4 event. 

(And while you're waiting, be sure to swing by our Galaxy S4 forums.)

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radgatt says:

Can't wait

TheDu9du says:

"4pm on the left coast" great!!

TweeterNote says:

I believe that was intentional. If you look at a map, the West Coast is on your left hand side. I don't know about you, I am giving them the benefit of the doubt.

schrack3000 says:

People call the west coast 'the left coast' all the time. It's an extremely common nickname for it.

considering that California is very left, it's an appropriate nickname :)
(politically speaking)

schrack3000 says:

Yep. I live in California. It may be more of a thing that people out here say.

fchowd0311 says:

Man this much hype for a launch event... those leaks HAVE to be fake. No way Samsung would hype up this event so much if the leaked device is real.

Why not? They did the same thing last year for the GS3.

GuruNardo says:

To be honest i want it them to all be fake because quite frankly i am not impressed with the look of the phone. Personally i thought the s3 looked terrible, and it seems this one is headed in the same direction. I did see one concept rendering that i thought looked really nice, then i saw the leak photos and was very dissapointed.

heres to hoping your right

i agree but disagree..

the s3 design isn't bad... minus the plastic back and cut out that home button and we have a great phone...

but no matter, i want something new... like htc... they did something new... they stepped away from their normal design constraints and moved in a bit of a diff direction... they put a beautiful suit on it (metal back)... then they gave it some interesting eyes (cam)... and after that, they give it a mouth thats louder than most (if not all) phones today (speaker)....

so im hoping samsung will do the same and try something bolder...

Bahrutile says:

there is a 16gb, 32gb, 64gb verizon Galaxy S4 for sale on Ebay- and the pics they use look nothing like the leaked videos- these photos show a thinner less rounded body, with what looks to be a 3d camera set up on the back, no home button on the front- i like the way that looks more than the leaked photos- doubtful though that the photos on ebay are real though...

there are other listings using the leaked photos also

mabr82 says:

That's an iPhone 5-nexus-S2 render

No way gonna look like that

The leak is accurate

FearTomi says:

12 pm in the UK not 11 pm:P

No it's only a 4 hour difference now with daylight savings time, their clocks dont change until the end of the month. 11PM IS correct.

is this even still relevant?

80 percent or more of the S4 has already been leaked out. :)

smooth3006 says:

Those are not the s4.

GuruNardo says:

60 percent of the time, they have been s4 all of the time.

Grahaman27 says:

and I dont believe half of that.

nawadley says:

I have to point out that Radio City Music Hall is in Rockefeller Center, not Times Square. Just sayin'.

jeff327 says:

You read my mind.

Nev says:

Lookin' forward to it!

Floss82 says:

I for one believes that the leaks were real and I do remember Samsung saying a few weeks ago that the GS4 is not really about hardware but about software, so this will be the first device besides Nexus to be released str8 out the box with 4.2 plus better camera, processor,more stable touchwiz, eye scroll and so on. They still believe they can give HTC One a run for their money just with their marketing campaign alone. So my idea is if you already have the GS3 there is no need to upgrade to the GS4 and actually I think I would rather have the HTC One but then again they are very slow with their updates and lockable bootloader has me thinking twice even I though would root both devices in a heartbeat lol

Sam_And_Roid says:

Watching the setup from my windows right now.......just anothe hour and a half!!!!

mabr82 says:

Hope it has an s pen.

If not I'm getting the N5

smooth3006 says:

Only the notes have spen.

smooth3006 says:

Hey Phil can I haz a s4 Purdue please?

TBolt says:

Prefer to watch the live feed, thanks to Samsung themselves:

drnggaj13 says:

it just got real

Jayshmay says:

Tic toc, tic toc,. . .can't wait!!!

antheauxny says:

Probably won't happen, but I wish they'd do away with the Super AMOLED screens. I can't get over that color saturation. But I know many people love it so I'm sure it'll be on the GS4. :/

rovex says:

Lets face it ,if this is just an S3 with a 1080P screen, Exynos Octa and a tighter body it would still be the best phone on the market. Whatever HTC were smoking when they came up with the One i don't know and the XPeria Z is rather average.

Hurry up gotta finish cutting the grass. NOLA

demontooth says:

Been preparing for months and can't even start on time.

XavierMatt says:

Watching with my bf now

smooth3006 says:

damn, what a disappointment.

EVO28312 says:

Wait what the s3 again??

demontooth says:

Why is this being live blogged when we can watch it ourselves?

lean6rtj2 says:

Maybe they should have planted some people in the audience to get spontaneously excited.

demontooth says:

Wtf? Boy would I hate to be trapped in the audience watching this crap.

lean6rtj2 says:

Lol. Maybe it's truly one of those things where "you had to be there."

demontooth says:

I wonder how many people have left.

anthony2558 says:


smooth3006 says:

i think the htc one just crushed this device and then some.

ilhe1s says:

WTF!! Is Samsung pulling and Apple and releasing an S device. Give me a break. HTC One here I come!

what about the available colors ?? Don't tell that me we are not going to get black again ! :(

lean6rtj2 says:

Ok...this kind of presentation in the short attention span mobile age...not a good idea. Lol.

Google10 says:

This is painful to watch. Just awful.

BroncoTed says:

I'm done with this presentation. So corny.

Google10 says:

I feel better about my life knowing I'm not witnessing whatever is happening there now.

demontooth says:

This is ridiculous.

demontooth says:

The women dancing made me turn it off.

DataHawg says:

Can't watch another minute of this. Horrible and not funny. I hope the phone is much better than the unpacked show. Who came up with this garbage?

BroncoTed says:

I think the htc one bends this thing over its knee. It's too bad htc's marketing muscle can't take samsung on.

BroncoTed says:

Stand on your phone, If you break it, you're overweight

lean6rtj2 says:


Habiib says:


HAHAHA!!! LMBO!!!!!!!!! You have me in tears right now!!

DataHawg says:

Thank goodness it's over. Best part was the kid's tap dancing. He was actually pretty good.

crxssi says:

Watched it live streaming. That has to be one of the goofiest things I have seen, ever! Take 15 min of content and stretch it out horribly.

Cool presentation. Definitely a great idea to stream it live. I totally called it about the kid btw...

BigDinCA says:

What. The. Fuck. Was. That?

Damn that was awful.

t0406peru says:

LOL, I was thinking the exact same thing. That presentation was the worst! HTC One for me... S4 is one huge gimmick.

lean6rtj2 says:

They had this whole cool thing going with the S3 and Note 2 campaigns, and then they went "Chicago" with the S4.

tooter123 says:

All they could get into this was a 2600mAh battery? OMG!

anthony2558 says:

Not impressed! Now we wait for the next big thing.... Hopefully the XPhone has more to bring to the table.

Samsung pulled an Apple. iPhone4 to an iPhone4s. Their probably gonna get sued now.

EggTarts says:

Jumping to the Z10

lgGslateuser says:

Epic fail. If anything closely resembling the HTC one comes to Verizon its going to be mine. Not the DNA though.

moises1204 says:

thank god is over.