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Mac owners who have been longing to gain access to the internal storage on their Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1's now have a means of doing so that doesn't involve any hackery. Samsung has now gone ahead and updated Kies for Mac to include support for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Firmware updates still isn't available with this latest update but it's a start and much better then having to mess around with things. If you're a Mac user and need this update (ver., you'll find the direct download below.

Download: Kies For Mac; Source: Samsung Hub


Reader comments

Kies for Mac Beta now supports the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


Is this just for storage stuffs or it works to update as well? I have the Mini Kies for mac, but it doesn't work AT ALL... :(

Here is a better thought. Just support damn USB Mass Storage Mode like all other pre-3.0 Android devices and the problem is solved for ALL PLATFORMS.

There is a new non beta version of Kies but USB connection will not work for Galaxy 8.9 and 10.1 tablets. Connect with WiFi and all works beautifully.