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Galaxy S III Video Maker now available through Samsung Apps, too

As we mentioned in our full review, one of our pet peeves with the Samsung Galaxy S III is the way automatic brightness always defaults to too low a level, combined with the fact that there's no brightness widget or control in the notification area. And it looks like Samsung's heard our complaints, as a second over-the-air update for the international Galaxy S III adds a dedicated brightness control to the notification area, allowing S III owners to set a level manually, or enable auto-brightness.

We're also noticing that the base levels for automatic brightness seems to be a little higher than before, which we're sure S III owners will see as a welcome change. In addition, it seems that there's a new icon for daylight savings in the clock widget, as well as a freshly-baked kernel and radio firmware. The new software version is still based on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, build IMM76D.

What's more, Samsung Video Maker app, absent from the Galaxy S III at launch, is now available via Samsung Apps under the "More Services" section, weighing in at 34MB.

If you're an unlocked Galaxy S III owner in the UK, you'll be able to grab the new update to firmware version XXLFB from Samsung's Kies desktop application.

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I've read a while ago on XDA that the SIII has a standby battery drain issue.
Has that issue been fixed with this update?

PR1MO1 says:

I was having that issue, found someone referring to a post on XDA saying that if you charge your phone fully, then once it hits 100% leave in on charge for another 10mins or so, then pull the battery out (and unplug the charger), leave the battery out for 15mins and then put it back in and the standby drain should be gone. Might have just been coincidental but it seemed to fix my phone.

Thanks for the tip:)
I've found that battery drain issue on XDA again :)

Seems Samsung set a wrong drain value: 34 mA instead of 3.4 mA :-/

This has nothing to do with standby drain. It just corrects how the cell stand by is being reported. Battery life will remain the same

Mhm, ok. You're right :P

AnasHSN says:

There is also new feature to make voice call louder! I was very up set and I always say the other end to load their voices now I discover that it is from my SIII and the new button seems to fix this issue if you have it.

great quick update, thanks Samsung

standog100 says:

The option to make voice louder has always been there...I have not updated my s3 yet but I have that option....

AnasHSN says:

Seems the US version has it from the start. It is new feature for Middle East version. Thank you for the information

21plays says:

nothinh yet for the XXALF6

mctl says:

Guess there's nothing yet for XXLEF :-(

stockkid07 says:

To make the voice call louder, that has been on the us versions since day one.

Magnus#AC says:

Where is the update for the USA T-mobile version?

rmarcucci says:

Anybody knows if there is a fix for the error in the weather widget clock?

FARCrow says:

Strange I got the update notification today but the firmware I got is only Baseband version I9300XXLF2, build number: IMM76D.I9300XXALF2(I'm in Kuwait though not the UK).

marchell says:

I'm from the Caribbean I the first update a couple of weeks ago but for some reason I'm not seeing this update.....?

mindor says:

i got my update today . anybody know whay ? i'm in Norway on a unlocked version