The NGP Semi-Rigid Soft Shell Case protects your Samsung Galaxy Nexus inside a semi-rigid polymer shell. Featuring custom-cut holes, you'll have access to your Samsung Galaxy Nexus camera and all the other functions. The case provides full coverage and maintains a low-profile, and can stay in place while charging or connected to your computer.


NGP stands for "Next Generation Polymer" - a semi-rigid dense polymer.  The NGP material is malleable enough to slip around and snugly hold your Galaxy Nexus, but firm enough to withstand impacts and scrapes. Because of the flexible nature, the case is easy to put on and remove.

The touch screen of your Samsung Galaxy Nexus is left exposed for easy access or the use of a screen protector.  The NGP wraps the front edges of this device, acting as a bumper and giving it added protection with a little extra lift.  If you're looking for a case that looks good and offers great protection, the Incipio NGP makes a great choice. Enjoy this review from Raul, and look out for more great videos!


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Incipio NGP semi-rigid case for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus [accessory review]


I disagree, (at least for me) it's a bit hard but not excessively. I have it on my Nexus and use it without major problems. It's one of the best cases I've had in a phone, however, the screen protector is not.

Got one of these. Good case. It kinda messed up my typing though and I recently took it off to see if I was better off without.

I wish I could find a good case that works with the OEM extended battery for the Verizon nexus. Any thoughts?

I dropped mine in this case and it saved my a$$. The lip on the front protected it from a direct landing on the screen on concrete. On the flip side of that I think the bulk of the case aided in me dropping it. Its not huge or nothing...just more size added to the phone.

Raul gives good info in his reviews, but the tone often sounds more like a sales pitch than an objective review. I wish he'd talk about the "cons" in addition to the "pros". (Nothing is perfect; everything has "cons".) Also I want to hear him review something that he doesn't like.

Yeah, these are more ads than reviews. I did a quick search, and the forums are full of complaints about the buttons being difficult to press. I'd think that someone doing a real review would do 30-seconds of research and address an issue like that that's been widely discussed. It looks like a nice case to me, but I don't want to have to struggle with the buttons.

Im using the incipio double case for my nexus, looks identical to this one but has a rigid shell that goes over the silicone. Nice fit and finish just like this one. I don't find the power button hard to use at all but it is a slightly different case.

I might pick this one up though as I use 2 batteries and the double case is sometimes a lil bit of a pain for a quick swap.