Hey guys! The fine folks at ngmoco have approached a slew of Android sites to participate in a Skyfall Proving Grounds challenge. The prize? Well, I don't get anything but bragging rights if I take first place, but you guys will get a chance to win one of five (5) Skyfall-branded Galaxy S IIs, which means you should root for me quietly while you sit at your desk, likely pretending to work while you surf Android Central. It's okay, your secret is safe with us.

I received my Skyfall-branded phone just now, and I'm already on the hunt to become the Proving Grounds champ! If you're wondering why ngmoco chose to create this little competition, it's in celebration of the Skyfall open beta, which I checked out back in November at their headquarters in San Fransisco, CA. If you're interested in getting to know what Skyfall is all about, you can head over to the official site and check it out.
Wish me luck, Android Nation!

P.S. - I took this picture with the super cool branded Skyfall phone they sent me just for your enjoyment, even though Mondays is my "lay at home on the couch/watch TV/play SWTOR" day.  You're welcome, nerds.


Reader comments

If I don't suck at Skyfall, you can win a Galaxy S II


Good luck Ash, the fact that you are giving up Old Republic time is very impressive. No one can ever say that you are not dedicated.

Ouch, Photo editor people: she's not purple.

Open in Picasa, click auto-color, done. Don't even have to sharpen your Photoshop skills.

Hey im rooting for you ashley but how are we suppose to win it? theres no contest rules or anything. Guess im overthinking it but i hope theres more info to come cause i would totally love one and switch carriers if i won one

Ashley do you or anyone else know what other websites are participating? so far the top 5 websites i check daily havent mentioned anything i.e (androidandme, droid-life, phandroid, and android police android police is on my list but obviously its participating in this contest)

Good luck and may the force be with you (in honor of you playing SWTOR :-)). But really, i am sure you're going to kick some a... Butt.

Hey for folks across the pond...that's the Uk for you whiz-toddlers...are we allowed to participate in this battle of wits to spur you skywards and win for the sake of...winning!

lol...why isn't my 1 year old Motorola Cliq compatible? Motoblur sucked up so much space that I don't have space for it? :-)

Good luck Ashley. Cute ponytails and blue eyes. Love the skyfall cover for the SGS too :-)