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Just as it was with the Galaxy S3, here we have our first allegedly leaked render of Samsung's next, next big thing, the Galaxy Note 2. It's a large, white phone with an S3-like three-button setup, and a 16:10 aspect ratio screen. And... that's it. There's not much to go on here, and we have to say this bears all the hallmarks of fabricated or fan-made mockup. (When's the last time we saw an official promo shot of a sexy new phone with a blank screen?)

GSMArena, which was sent the image anonymously, says its source reports a familiar set of rumored specs for the device, including a 5.5-inch SuperAMOLED+ (RGB) display, an 8MP camera and a slightly higher-clocked Exynos 4 Quad chip. At this stage we'd be surprised if the Note 2 strayed too far from this spec list, but that does nothing to confirm the accuracy of the image.

So this might be the Galaxy Note 2, but really, it's probably not. The abundance of bullcrap Galaxy S3 renders in the run up to that phone's release has left us jaded and skeptical. Whatever the case, stay tuned for the real thing in a couple of weeks, as we'll be live from Berlin for the second Samsung Mobile Unpacked event of the year, where the real Note 2 will make its debut.

Source: GSMArena

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Stang68 says:

That home button looks ridiculous. Doubt it's real.

Shadowriver says:

S3 home button looks the same....

Shadowriver says:

Strached S3.... very original :p (if fake)

RustyU says:

It's certainly believable, given the style of the S3, as for the lack of stylus holder, you can't see the OG Note's one looking at it head on either.

But really, it's probably nothing.

Nev says:

The screens are getting so big.

codiusprime says:

Welcome to last year

(the screens have been big)

21plays says:


terrycanfly says:

look at how large the power button is. no way this is real. i would accidentally be hitting that allllll the time. and look how narrow the left silver edging is. i would say its because of the lighting and that its a hair thicker but the volume rocker comes all the way up making the right edging look twice as thick. lastly it looks like the radius of the corners are too large for a larger device, i think it would be too rounded and harder to hold and Samsung is usually good with stuff like that

jdroeck says:

i like your attitude "here we go again" more than every day new posts like "ZOMG, new renders, this WILL be (...)"

keep up the scepticism/criticism! :)

I don't think this is authentic. But I do think the actual Note 2 will resemble the SIII, but the people making these fake renders need to realize that the corners of the device will probably be rounded, but not that much, thats the same ratio as the SIII. The Note 2 is a substantially larger device, therefor the rounded corners will appear much more subtle.

Probably fake, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Note 2 looked very similar to that.

I think it'll look like a larger S3, just as the Note looked like a larger S2.

Mark.mullens says:

I think most of you are wrong. This DOES look pretty convincing. Look at the elongated home button, just like the galaxy s3, aswell as the irregular bezel, LIKE THE GALAXY S3. Whether this is the final or actual design is yet to be determined but it can't be far off what we're seeing here. Bad article.

I think you are wrong. This DOES NOT look convincing at all. Bad comment.

3mp3ror says:

What?? The Galaxy S III does NOT have an irregular bezel. It has a curved design from the side but it's absolutely uniform from the front. Along with the lack of shading, the faded Samsung logo that's missing a bunch of pixels on top, and the corner radius starting before the corner of the screen, renders (not photos) being almost entirely fake every time, blah blah and I'm hungry and getting me a burger.

Nooooooo! get rid if that STUPID home button. just killed my dream phone again! stop copying Apple, this is Android not ios...

How is having a home button "copying apple"? They did not invent the home button.

Roboticz says:

Samsung phones have had home buttons for MANY MANY YEARS... they aren't copying anybody.

guess I just don't see any reason to have it. and as much as I hate Apple Samsung definitely has a history of copying them, credit them for recent phones that are original, and I am biased due to the fact I can't have this phone if they put that needless home button on it. I must have a full protection case like trident taken or otterbox defender, due to my work, an they must cut a hole in the screen protector which let's in dirt and sand causing issues. also the button is one more thing to break in my opinion. and I guess could possibly let dust inside the phone.

Synycalwon says:

Assuming it's not a fake, why oh why does Samsung insist on a physical home button? Ugh, absolutely kills any interest (just like the SGS3)! Also, although I dislike on-screen buttons, why the use of capacitive buttons on such a large screen? And white? Not an option, I'd lose my man card if I walked around with a white phone! ;P

richardpandy says:

I'm with you on the home button. I have the S3 and one of my only gripes with the phone is the damn home button. It's stupid and useless and feels like the phone is dated by having it. I had the Galaxy nexus and LOVED the on screen buttons. I still constantly hit the capacitive buttons and screw up whatever I am doing and the home button just needs to go.

Versed says:

I happen to like that button, find it easier to use. And for the most part you didn't see it on US versions of the Note and GSII's was to prevent some nonsense law suit from Apple. Its good that Samsung sets some standard of its devices across the globe.

iPwn says:

Fake and obviously photoshopped. Look at all that noise surrounding the back button, and notice how that button is stretched compared to the Galaxy S3's back button. For reference, compare the below image's back button (of the S3) with the fake Note 2 photo above. If you think that maybe Samsung just decided to go with a wider back button, well then why does this "Note 2" not also have a wider home button?

Bottom line folks the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will look like the current Galaxy S3 that is Samsung's baby. Either way I will be purchasing this device to pair with my Galaxy S3 on Tmobile. These devices that are cream of the crop.

cenkaetaya says:

If they keep the HOME button i will JUMP WITH JOY

If they remove the HOME button i will CRY WITH SORROW

Zorachus says:

Sure this is a photoshop, but looks very believable, maybe the center button is stretched out too wide, but other than that, I think the Note II, will look exactly like this. It will match the Galaxy S III design theme, just wider.

I currently have the Galaxy Nexus, but will seriously look at the Note II for my next phone. These smartphones are mini computers nowadays, and a nice larger Super AMOLED+ screen just makes it feel like I am carrying a small laptop, but can still fit in my shorts or jacket pocket, and make phone calls / texts, plus all the computer type programs.

If it does turn out to look exactly like this render, I'd be around the same size as the first Note, despite the bigger display, thanks to that tiny bezel all around. Hopefully, Sammy will also combine the best of both worlds and bring a quad-core, 2 gigs of RAM version to the US.

Zorachus says:

This phone could use a 1080p screen resolution. Typically that high res of a screen is useless for a smartphone, but with a 5.5" screen size, it could be very useful. More real estate to see more on the screen.

I mean with a big display would you want a 30" monitor running 1920x1200 like a 24" does ? No, you buy it for the big screen + the high resolution of 2560x1600. I think the Note II should go with 1080p.