Looking for a reason to pick up a Moto G? If so, you won't want to miss out on the deal Amazon is hosting on them right now provided you're on Verizon or don't mind using the device only on WiFi. Unlike the GSM versions which are selling for $100 to $200 depending on storage size, you can pick up the 8 GB version of the Verizon prepaid Moto G for only $70.

That's a pretty good deal all things considered. You can check out our full review of the Moto G right here or head on over to Amazon and get started on your order.

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Grab a Verizon Moto G from Amazon for only $70 off-contract


Is there still no workaround to having to put it on prepaid for 6 months before you can put it on post paid?

I have not found a way, otherwise I would be all over this, still tempted to get just for a music player, but my old X2 still works great for that.

Yes there is. If you have a regular vzw account and have not done the prepaid activation yet, you can simply stop the activation when you first boot up the phone and then dial *228 from the phone and then follow the prompts to activate the phone on your existing non prepaid number. I did to my girlfriend's line and it worked.

No. This is using a proprietary CDMA technology that only works here in the us. There is no Sim slot so you're out of luck

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my brother has one, not gonna lie i'm envious minus data speeds which are still 2 Mbps on the down link

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Sorry but I'm tired of the donkey-kissing of Google crippled phones. This phone comes with only 8GB of memory with, thanks to Google policy, can't be upgraded since there's no external memory card possible. Add to that the Google Kit-Kat crippling of external memory cards and you get a controlled market, a la Apple - Google's wet dream conversion of the open source, "do no evil" BS.

Also the phone has non-removable Verizon apps to further crimp usable memory. So if you want a phone that can make phone calls and use maybe 3 or 4 useful apps - this is the one for you. Better to wait for the coming Chinese phones or the "E" version that allows external memory usage, though crippled by Kit-Kat.

Stop saying these are great phones. They're not. They're just about worth the cheap price they're now selling for. No more. Indeed less.

Oh, and one of the help questions on the Amazon page claims the phone can be activated on regular Verizon is you follow a particular procedure. Good luck with that, too.

Calm down there, buddy. If you don't want one, nobody is forcing you to get one. No offense, just saying.

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I am guess you are missing the ENTIRE POINT OF THIS PHONE. That or you are a bit dense.

This is a budget phone. With a budget phone you do not get 64GB of storage. You can expect lesser specs. get over it and do not buy it. There are plenty of other phones out there that offer MOAR SPECS!! for you to choose from.

As for Verizon, it is what it is. As for the SD Card, just because it does not work like it did, it does not mean it is crippled. I am not sure what phone or where you came from, but please know what the heck you are talking about before you go on a rant. You are just embarrassing yourself.

My previous phone was a G2. I love this one so much more. 8GB is plenty. I have plenty of apps.

Sure speeds aren't great, but I have learned to live wo/ using much data. I pay $45 a month and get VZW coverage on a phone that's just FANTASTIC.

FYI: Best Buy has it for $70 if you're impatient. :D

Better deal to just pick up a used RAZR M on ebay for $50-$100. 4G, 8gb storage, sd card, and now it has kitkat.

resolution is worse on the M, and I am pretty sure that is EOL as far as updates go now. The Moto G has several advantage and one of them is one more update...

To each his own, but I would take the newer phone any day.

That is an amazing deal. If you have been thinking about getting the Moto G, now is the time to get it.

I bought two of these in March. One for my brother, and one for my mom. At $100 each at the time, I thought they were a steal compared to the other crap budget phones Verizon offers. Both of them love their new phones, and I think the updated OS is a big part of that. Not to mention they're only paying $45/month each now, instead of the ~$200/month postpaid plan they were on.
Long story short, for older folks and people who are moving up from feature phones, this is a freaking steal!
When I worked for Verizon 4 years ago, we sold feature phones for over $200 off contract, so this is insane.

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Saw them in stock at Walmart and Best Buy here as well. Ive been thinking of picking them up as gifts for some people at this price.

It's a awesome phone. Great battery, screen and speed. As a former user of some flagship phones I can honestly say the biggest problem is storage but I manage. I'll upgrade eventually but even when I do I'll always have this phone as a Wi-Fi device or something. It's simply that great

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