Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2

AT&T has announced it will be the first wireless carrier to sell Samsung's Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 tablet, along with the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, starting on June 6. The Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 runs on Android 4.4 KitKat and has a 1.2 Ghz quad-core processor, along with 16 GB of internal storage. That amount can be expanded by up to 16 GB in additional memory. It also has an 6,800 mAh battery that is supposed to last up to nine hours.

The Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 also runs on Android 4.4. In addition to its larger 12.2-inch screen, the hardware specs are much higher than the Galaxy Tab 4, with a 2.3 GHz quad core processor and 32 GB of storage. It also has an eight megapixel rear camera and a S Pen. It has a 9,500 MhA battery but there's no word on the tablet's actual battery life.

AT&T will sell the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 for $479.99 with no contract, $379.99 with a two year agreement or $24 a month with no annual contract. The Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 has a no-contract price of $899.99, a two year contract price of $799.99 or it can be bought for $48 per month with no annual contract. The carrier is also offering a way to get $50 off each tablet if consumers bundle them with either a Galaxy S5 or Galaxy S5 Active.

What do you think of AT&T being the first carrier to get these two new Samsung tablets? Let us know in the comments.


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Galaxy Tab 4 10.1, Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 coming to AT&T June 6


I was all oooh yes then I re-read the Tab 4 specs. Not enough GHz, resolution, RAM or internal space for a tablet. Pass. Who's next?

...said the man who has never used it...

I am more productive at work, which in turn makes me more money..

And work paid for it so I have that going for me...

Not this tablet no, but others (iPad3, g pad 8.3 and surface pro). No tablet is worth $900, others out there with the same productivity capabilities for less.

you cant say its worth it when work is paying for it. Awesome that we get free stuff though :)

"No tablet is worth $900...";you left out the words "to me". I think that the Note Pro is worth $900 and I paid for it personally. It depends on how you value things. I don't think that there is a television out there worth $1,000 but, obviously, there are many that disagree with me.

I have the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 and yes, It's Worth Every Penny. Had a coworker tell me I should have gotten one of the iCrap Air thingys he has. It the best tablet on the market he says.... 10 minutes later after the comparisons were done, he had to agree that "just maybe" the iCrap wasn't the best tablet on the market.

[Another $80 you can get the Note 10.1 32 gb with pretty must the same specs as the 12.2]

Got a 32 gig from Woot last week...will be here Wed. I'm stoked.

$289. I've never used a warranty, so the 90-day that terrifies everyone is no biggie.

Eh, perhaps. I'd personally suggest sinking that money into a Surface Pro 3 for work uses. I love Android, etc, but when it comes down to brass tacks, a SP3 would be MUCH better equipped for real corporate/work related stuff.

My daughter has one and it is really nice. My preference is my Note tablet. This is gonna sound bad, by I bought into the Android ecosystem and just prefer to stay there

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$800 with a 2 year contract. Wow. That. Is. A. Lot. Of. Money. For. A. Tablet!
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1.2 ghz but they don't say what processor I'm thinking snapdragon 400?

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

Yes it is. It's not as bad as everyone downing it makes it out to be. It runs pretty smooth IMO. I haven't had any issues playing movies or games on mine. Yes resolution is low but that doesn't bother me either. It clear and the colors look good to me.

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It is pretty expensive and also not to portable but for work its probably a great idea.

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They did. I've had mine on Verizon Wireless since March. Maybe John doesn't think that VZW is a carrier.

I've been waiting for the Note Pro 12.2 since they first announced it. Yes Verizon beat AT&T to it but who cares....I was gonna switch just for that but not anymore. If it's too much for people who just wanna browse the net, there are other cheap tablets for that. Yessssssss!!!!!!!!

Since Callaham is now a writer here, be prepared for a lot of news posted in the forums by members to get posted on the front page with Callaham taking full credit. Also, be prepared for a lot of click-baiting articles. Lost a chunk of respect for Mobile Nation if they see any kind of writing talent in Callaham. The man stole news items from Neowin members left and right and was constantly called out on it. Not to mention he also had a thing for creating FUD in any Microsoft related article he'd write.

The Galaxy Tab 12.2 has a REEDIC battery. I bought one from Costco (returned it today....need S-Pen) but I did a little experiment first. I turned on an app (weather radar type app) that forbids the device to sleep.

Turned it on at 8pm on a full battery. Let it stay on all night.

Woke up. Came down to see the expected dead 12.2" tablet. Nope!

Was running away. With...wait for it, 52% left on the battery.


How can AT&T be the first carrier to carry the Note Pro 12.2 when Verizon Wireless has carried it since March? Battery life will vary with usage patterns, but I'm sure that there are reports of this online already. Unless there is some difference that I don't know about between the AT&T and Verizon Wireless versions.

First huh? I do believe VERIZON had the galaxy note 12.2 first.... I could be mistaken, but last time i check March 6 comes before June 6.