New devices tipped for announcement at pre-IFA event in Berlin

The annual IFA show in Berlin, Germany is usually pretty significant for Samsung. In 2010 it's where the company showed off its first Android tablet, the original Galaxy Tab. And for the past two years it's seen the launch of both Galaxy Note devices, as well as new classes of product like the Galaxy Camera.

And this year Samsung may continue the trend, if reports from South Korea's Asia Economic are to be believed. The publication reports that the third Galaxy Note handset will be announced at a gathering in Berlin on Sep. 4, two days ahead of IFA opening its doors to the public. What's more, Samsung may use the same event to launch its smart watch, the existence of which was confirmed by a company executive back in March. The report points out that a September unveiling would allow Samsung to get its product into the public eye before competing wearables from the likes of LG, Google and Apple appear.

As for the Galaxy Note 3, Asia Economic reports that a 5.7-inch AMOLED panel will be used in the device -- a small bump up from the 5.5-inch Note 2 display -- as well as a "new" Exynos 5 Octa CPU and 3 gigabytes of RAM. If accurate, that'd make Samsung's new hybrid device a formidable beast in terms of both size and specs.

We'll be live in Berlin for IFA next month, so be sure to stick around for all the show's Android-related developments.

Source: Asia Economic; via: PhoneArena

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NoreenD says:

The Galaxy Note 3 will be my next smart phone! Bring it on Samsung!

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MC_A_DOT says:

+2013 me too

garciaop says:

as long as it comes to sprint with 32 gigs internal memory count me in

Drat333 says:

Why? It's got expandable storage.

Without question nothing else matters after September 4th. I will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 3 day one of launch for Tmobile.

Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy Note 2.

Raider Duck says:

LG produces better phones. The Optimus G Pro will still be better than your silly Samsung phones.

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Aaron Watson says:

3gb of RAM? Asdfghjkl. GIMMME

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Kushan says:

This or the HTC One MAX for me!

neopanther says:

I have an upgrade I can use or just sell this note 2 and pay the difference! Will be getting it.

Here goes your spec'd out phone that's still gonna lag spec whores! Let the mass masturbation begin.

But seriously, the Note 3 will be a good phone I bet but all that RAM and the Exynos processor still won't prevent touchwiz from lagging. I honestly don't even know why folks are so in love with specs that still bring poor performance. Just to satisfy benchmarks I suppose.

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Orion78 says:

Your insecurities are showing. Let me guess, you're one of the sheep that fell in the " specs don't matter" bandwagon. This phone will be a beast. The Note 2 doesn't lag at all. Don't know were you got that from. Anyway, don't worry what people buy. Enjoy what you have and be merry. :)

DaVince says:

No lag? Seriously? I have the OG Note and my friend has the Note 2. They're both pathetic compared to my Nexus 4.

Oh well, I guess you haven't used a Nexus device.

Stop making us laugh. The Lg Nexus 4 is a total JOKE compared to the Galaxy Note 2.

Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy Note 2.

squiddy20 says:

And you would know his experiences because you were right there with him when he experienced them? You are the joke for thinking "Richard's World" is the end-all be-all and everyone who doesn't agree with you is wrong, "useless", a "poor sole" (spelled incorrectly, of course), or "comical".

Raider Duck says:

Really? Explain how the Galaxy Note 2 was better. Specifics, please.

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milimbar says:

I have yet to see any lag on my Note2..... Maybe you should use one of the devices you are complaining about before you actually open your mouth.

kcsween74 says:

Ohhh so I see you're one of those that hear about some reporting that TouchWiz lags or saw some reviews that report the same thing then immediately apply that to the masses. While I don't doubt TouchWiz lags for some I also believe that it doesn't lag for all. As far as specs, they're purely personal preference and merely a person's right to value them in determining to purchase a device or not. If you don't put a lot of stock in specs then that's your one is putting you down because you chose to get a device based on whatever criteria you value. I for one am a 'spec whore' and proud of it because I want a device that's near future proof, lasting me at a minimum a year up to my next upgrade. Specs tells me what a phone is capable of, can I do at least what I'm doing now on my current device, will I get decent to great battery life, can I use my sd card or not (if not can I get the device in a 32gb or 64gb flavor...I can go on and on all day but I'm truly hoping you get my point.

:') Well said! Couldn't agree more. I too am a spec whore. With great specs I feel comfortable with my purchase. I know my device will last me a good long while.

Posted via Galaxy Note 2

I agree. For all the great specs the actual user experience rarely changes. Still lags

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ken28117 says:

I owned the Note 1...Have the Note 2.... & will get the Note 3.
They just keep getting better & better.
And to think I use to be a loyal IPhone user. I just got tired of them telling me what size screen i wanted.

ManSolo says:

Apple are dancing on Steve Jobs' grave... 3,5 inches is all you ever need...

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return_0 says:

Apple apparently disagrees.

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Apple has been and always will be garbage.

Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy Note 2.

Raider Duck says:

Have you seen a psychiatrist lately? Sounds like you need one.

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BIGG13 says:

Thought about going to the s5 whenever it came out but I don't think I can ever go back to the "regular" size screens.

Orion78 says:

Yeah, this is the beast I'm waiting for. Its going to come down to the Note 3 or the next Nexus.

xderiwx says:

If its announced in September, roughly how long would it take to start showing up at carriers for purchase? Pre-orders?

skyboxer says:

I really don't understand the claims of lag with touchwiz. Now understand I'm rooted and using cleanrom with a custom kernel but it's all touchwiz based. Themed to the max. I have no lag and insane battery life to boot. Now in my limited experience AOSP has lag and less battery life. Touchwiz just does it better for me. This is on my note 2. Now if they throw on the additional sensors for the note 3 like they did the S4 things might be different.
Performance aside I would like to say that touchwiz is just too darn big. It's got a few features that I would never use and might work better as an exclusive app that could be completely removed. It's becoming the windows of Android. I would love to remove features like tilt zoom and cuss to unlock (that's how I would use it). The S4 free storage scandal is because of all the extra stuff making this huge rom that does all this stuff that most people won't use all of. Wouldn't it be great to disable a feature and have all the files deleted from your device automatically? Reactivating the feature would require a download but it would be worth the hassle because you would essentially be creating your own custom rom without rooting.
So now I've turned a comment into an editorial. I'm starting to speak in bloat.

kcsween74 says:

Bloat on my brotha! I totally agree with you though. It's the same for me with Sense on my HTC device. I rooted and installed MeanBean which is based off cleanrom and my device is smoother and faster then the stock that was on before I rooted plus as way better battery life and is mostly debloated. I ran CM 10.1 for a month and found that battery life was less than stellar so that alone made me switch back to MeanBean cause I was tired of having my phone connected to the charger while I was at work, I shouldn't need to do that if I barely use my phone at work.

_X_ says:

I'm hoping the .2 creep in screen size comes from a reduced bezel. I'd this phone starts getting bigger it'd will be to large to carry in the pocket

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NovaWiz says:

They probably will adopt the same design language as GS4, which bumped the screensize by .2" without making the phone any larger than GS3.

irtechneo says:

I cant wait for this phone! I will be giving my Note2 to my daughter and taking her upgrade. I dont see the lag everyone claims on touchwiz and I enjoy some of the "features" it brings to the table. My one complaint about touchwiz however is the neon green gingerbread buttons in the notification panel.


I have a upgrade in October. ....... Note 3 here I come

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JR A says:

Exynos is NOT the CPU. It's the SoC.

ARM 7 is the CPU. When will these tech bloggers learn...

JR A says:

Cortex A15 or A7 depending on which one Samsung chooses for your part of the world.

kigmatzomat says:

That is a little pedantic since a) the cpu is not physically separate object from the SOC and b)there is no guarantee that this unreleased Exynos doesn't have a tweaked cpu that doesn't exist other than in this SOC.

To be pedantic myself, "Arm 7" is not a cpu that exists. ARMv7 is a cpu architecture that dozens of cpus use,much like x86, but that can have variations between cpus.

And being the "octacore" flavor, it probably has four Cortex A15- and four Cortex A7-based cores. Probably.

DaVince says:

This is one guy who really knows what he's talking about.

ChillFactorz says:

Is android doing something different with RAM?
3gb seems more than needed. Maybe apps can take advantage of all that ram. A Photoshop app that uses a lot of space or resources on a device maybe?
We all love more and bigger, IMHO I think it's time for OEMS to start optimizing the processors to the OS and devices, a little better. The Moto X is heading that way. I'm not sure if they have a winner, but the next few OEMs that follow along with help perfect the process. Win for all.

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DaGODFather says:

I wish it would come in 3 different screen size like it was rumored. *Choices*

tohho says:

If true...then it's disappointing...pass...I need at least 6 inch screen, octa core processor, Android 4.3

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ybcthanerd says:

soungs like tha galaxy mega for u

Dperks17 says:


Sh3ngLong says:

Samsung needs to implement this 1ms latency technology on their Galaxy Note series . It will make the writing/drawing experience so much better.

Sent from my Galaxy Note II

jomcty says:

I suppose Apple will be suing Samsung for making a smart watch.

yamatime says:

People always comment on how big my note 2 is. I can't wait to hear them when I whip out the note 3!

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kigmatzomat says:

Hopefully the note 3 will use the same bezel shrinking design as the gs4 so it will have the same physical size.

Personally, I think making the note 3 1080p will be more impact than another 0.2" of screen.

Here I thought my Note 2 was a beast...can't wait for this!!!!

Posted via Galaxy Note 2

ybcthanerd says:

def wanna get this phone hopefully ill b able to get into tha tmobile jump program and get it then sell my note 2 then ill still have anotha upgrade to use in 12 months

ybcthanerd says:

but i still wanna wait for tha google smart watch to make my decision