Verizon Galaxy Nexus

This is way, way inside baseball, but what we've got here is a look at a whole mess o' Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphones en route to Verizon. This gives us absolutely no idea of when -- or if, actually -- we'll see phones in stores (presumably an order like this means in-store sales, and not direct fulfillment only), but it's yet another step in the process, no?

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Galaxy Nexus inches ever closer to Verizon stores


sweet jesus...just shock us verizon and announce preorders today for fulfillment on the 17th, that would make my year

Heh, I called in yesterday to move the wife to the 4GB data plan. At the end of the call the rep asked if I had any other questions...

Me (jokingly):Yes, what is the release date of the Galaxy Nexus?

VW Rep: The what...?

Me: ...seriously?

(At this point I hear the rep typing)

VW Rep: Oh, wow! Android 4.0? Wow, thats quite a step...Facial recognition?!? Crazy! 4.65 inch screen?? I want to see this thing!

So I gave him the Nexus URL and bid him have a nice day! :-P Soooo, clearly we're not the only ones in the dark!

Aw, that was mean.

You've just turned some poor innocent into another salivating Nexus fan, who will spend the next 'x' days checking every tech blog and forum on the interwebs, 5 times a day, for the tiniest mention or sliver of evidence of a release date.

Cruel, just cruel.

they would most likely be for preorder sitting in a warehouse somewhere. It is verizon so I am sure they could get them shipped overnight if they wanted.

No date on the order so as far as we know that could have been last week, a couple hours ago, or even some guy at Verizon filling out a order that was never sent just to take a picture of the screen.

first of all we dont know when this screen shot was taken and second theres no way if it was taken today that we'd have em by friday, probably not monday either. phones have to get shipped to corporate stores and to indirect dealers which would take much longer than a couple days. on the bright side if this pic was taken a week ago we could be in line for a monday release but i seriously doubt friday. the phones not in verizons systems at all yet.

My verizon store doesn't receive phones till the day they come out. So that means 10am via fedex next day air. Just like the rezound. They got them in a little after they open. They were just waiting for the fedex dude to deliver.

Ever hear of overnight shipping or next day air? They could definitely have them by friday if they wanted. Not to mention this screen shot could be days old and the phones already shipped out.

This morning I was on the phone with tech support and when we were done he asked is there anything else I could answer so I asked about the Nexus. I said rumors say Friday for the release and he said "funny thing about rumors you never know if they're true " than he giggled and said see you Friday.

I was just on the phone with a Verizon rep with their "win-back" department. I asked him about the Galaxy Nexus and he proceeded to inform me "I don't know if we are even going to get it. We are still waiting to hear anything on this."
No worries, I immediately informed him that "Not only is it definitely coming to Verizon, but I am on your website right now signing up for the 'official' information mailing list." He proceeded to sigh, "You know, they rarely tell us anything until right before it happens. We tend to find things out the day of here."

Moral of the story? It sucks to be a pawn