If you're going to have a Galaxy Gear, you're to also have a Galaxy Note 3. And you're also going to need the Galaxy Gear Manager app.

Want to change settings on your Galaxy Gear? This is the place to do it. This is where you'll change camera settings, add new watch faces — basically anything and everything runs through this guy.

And, here, we run you through the process from the floor at IFA in Berlin.


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The Galaxy Gear Manager app for the Galaxy Note 3


Personally, what killed the Galaxy Gear for me is the fact that it only works with Samsung devices.

Yup. Not sure about the GS3, but I think Samsung won't be providing support for the GS3.

Well, looks like I'll save that money then.

Kinda makes sense having it work with samsung products..their not gonna make it capable with apple

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GS3 was on their list of supported devices, once they roll out jellybean 4.3 updates in october (or was it november?)

It should, as the specs list "RGB" as a sensor. Also has a hall effect sensor, for magnetic lids turning the screen on/off.

Thanks Alex and Phil, this is the interesting part -how the watch connects to the phone. It is better than I thought! Still not sure I need a phone-extension on my wrist though...

I wonder when/if Samsung will open it to other models beyond the Note3? Initially, that might be a good test platform, but they can't maximize sales that way.

Also, what is the battery life on the watch and how does it charge? Sorry if that's old news, but I may have missed that in the earlier review...

the presentation said it would support GS3, GS4, GN2 (after 4.3 update in the next couple months) and GN3 at launch. Oh yeah, and the note 10.1

Samsung is claiming 25hr battery life

FYI to AC Team:

For some reason in Feedly any story you post about smartwatches shows up with the Pebble Smart watch pic that Phil used in his "I biught a pebble" story a few weeks back.

I've seen this same picture in stories about the Samsung Gear and the others.

There's find my watch but is it visa versa (find my phone)? Not sure the technology is there yet or what it would look like but wonder how you could make a more feminine version. That would be one huge watch on a woman.

I am disappointed; Galaxy Gear was gifted to me, and I already have galaxy S3 and S4 mini; it didn't work with them, Galaxy Gear Manager can’t be loaded to this two devices; always says “Error: Product does not exist in this store (4002)”, I use the NFC function in Galaxy gear; its lead me to Samsung app store to Galaxy Gear manager page, I click to download it and this massage appears.
Is it an error in my devices or Galaxy Gear is exclusive to work only with Galaxy Note 3? Not sure. Happy to hear any good ideas.

Samsung removed Gear Manager from the G4 download list when they updated their software. Once they update the G4 OS they will relaunch Gear. Bottom line, Gear is useless with the G4 until the updated software rolls out, supposedly in October.