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The first nightly build of popular custom ROM CyanogenMod 9 for the Samsung Galaxy S III  is now available for download. Following the release of several unofficial builds since the S III's international launch in late May, the first official nightly is available at the CyanogenMod download site. CyanogenMod 9, which is based on the Android Open Source Project, offers an experience closer to stock Android 4.0, as opposed to Samsung's TouchWiz UX.

Initial feedback from early adopters has been positive, and the list of known issues point out only a couple of minor issues with FM radio and camera flash. But as with any unofficial custom ROM, you'll need a rooted phone with a custom recovery to flash this, and you'll void your warranty in the process, so proceed at your own risk. Check the source link below for download links and more information. We should also note that this ROM is for the international Galaxy S III only -- that's the one that's on sale in Europe and Asia right now, with the product code GT-i9300. The North American LTE version, due for release in the next few days, uses a different chipset and is not compatible.

If you've already bitten the bullet and installed CM9 on your Galaxy S III, be sure to let us know how you're getting on down in the comments!

Source: CyanogenMod, XDA


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First CyanogenMod 9 nightly build available for international Samsung Galaxy S III


Cyanogen Mod is how i roll with my phone, and i have the GS2, i can upgrade next month and ive been racking my head which phone to get.

The One x just seems a bit fat and chubby to me, i also dont like LCD's i much prefer the amoled type screen, also am not a fan of nvidia after the lack of support theyve shown so i dont want to be left behind with the tegra (which also isnt a great cpu)

The one s is a fantastic looking phone, that is about perfect in looks, has amoled and the qhd screen is still a steup on on the resolution of my GS2, but its still a dual core, 1gig 8mp camera as my current phone, so isit really a step up? yes it has a qhd screen but its also pentile where the GS2 has the super amoled+ display so there about even in that regards, the S4 processor is top dogs but isit really worth it over the exoynos processor to warrant an upgrade? plus theres no expandable storage, i have a 32gig in my GS2 so it be a waste id have nothing else to do with it if i cant put it in my next phone?

Then we have GS3, i went into store the other day to have a look, it just looks huge to me, and am not a fan of the colours, ive hated white phones and while the blue looked really nice on photos, instore its alot lighter and looks abit more girly, plus no one has the blue version since they all got recalled, the quad core does look decent and the screen is fantastic, plus the battery is pretty big so thats a plus.

In all am stuck on which phone to have next, i might just wait til the next nexus as i did like the last nexus, it just wasnt any better than the GS2 spec wise to warrant the purchase.

I know this probably doesn't have much to do with this topic, but Mexico's version has been confirmed to be Quad-Core, 1GB RAM (so the rumors that a Quad-Core-Quad-Ram version might be coming were, sadly, squashed for us :( ). Still launching next Friday! Yei!

not sure if i would put cm9 on this phone. samsung just has too many extra little tweaks baked into the software that u lose if you flash. i think i will just run it with nova launcher for a bit and see how that works out.