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A couple weeks after adding the feature to the Facebook Messenger app, voice messages are now a part of the main Facebook application. These aren't going to replace phone calls anytime soon -- and they're not really supposed to -- but they can be a fun little way to drop someone a note on Facebook, or to send voice messages when cellular calls aren't practical or available.

Perhaps even more surprising is that Facebook actually updated its changelog on the app with this latest version. Along with voice messaging, you should be able to open and view images a little faster, and share your friends stories to timelines, pages and groups. 


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Facebook borrows from itself, adds voice messages to main app


Now if only they would stop blocking my contacts from syncing on my Galaxy Nexus. I used to think it was a 4.0+ bug but my buddy has Galaxy Stellar and it works fine. Quit the petty argument with Google and start thinking about me the consumer.

Don't be mad at Facebook.that's not a Facebook thing or a 4.0 thing. It's a Google thing. Google stopped integrating Facebook contacts into nexus phones ever since the nexus s.

Yet they still show the option in account settings. Dang you Google than...... sooooooo annoying please fix it.

I don't see the point for a standalone app for Facebook Messenger... The main one has all of its features AFAIK.

As you can see from this post, the messenger app has the latest and greatest features.
And btw, since the main app is relatively poorly coded, I used to have only the messenger app installed.

Sorry, I can't see it. They have the exact same features, maybe only with less than one week of time between releases.

I doubt the new "fluff" will really be used much honestly after the new feature craze wears off. I just wish they would work on improving their code and squashing existing bugs instead of adding more potential problems and a possible new way to monitize Facebook as a whole for these new features.

One such example of ignoring existing bugs is with the iOS version. Notification features haven't been working on my iPad for a few months now. Visual part works, no audio despite it being enabled. Never changed a thing in the settings on it and it just quit playing audio entirely. The only exception being a private message which still sounds off.

Back to the Android version, it still has it's quirks. One being that the Widget falls out of sync with the app and some updates would never display if I tapped them from the notification shade on my Galaxy S III. Only rebooting my phone fixes that issue.

My problem is that it's always slow and times out on my Nexus 7. But it works fine on my RAZR M, we'll except that it doesn't always keep everything in chronological order.

Lol all your voice messages will be kept in a database indefinitely. Facebook will do the 'for our records' dumbshit phrase. gg bb