Facebook's Android application just got an update that the social network says will bring better memory management, and "all kinds of bug fixes." If history repeats, we should see an update to fix this update any time now.

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Facebook Android app gets an update for bugfixes, memory management


Billions in an IPO, yet they can't seem to build a decent app on any platform. Suckers are lining up with money to burn.

That's all well and good, but when the hell are they going to change the sync to where it actually functions with the standard API's for android? I'm on ICS and it's freaking obnoxious that I have to install a 3rd party app just to sync my contacts.

They're not. Google addressed this with the nexus s. They've chosen to not sync with fb for disagreement with some of fb policies.

Yeah, I actually read up on that a bit. The core line in the sand came down to: FB wants it's own special way of functioning and El Goog says fux that, you need to make your app behave like everyone else's.

Basically Google has to constantly make acceptions and creating a massive development headache that gets worse as more android devices are launched. They told FB, get your shat to use the APIs, because one way or another, we're stopping this special treatment we've been giving you.

FB, acting like spoiled over-priviledged children, has been refusing for a while. With ICS, google pulled the plug on that. All FB has to do is get off their asses and redevelop the sync portion of the app to use the proper APIs.

Anyhow the problem is Facebook doesn't sync on my GNex. That's my personal conclusion. I do know the reason behind and hope that FB's getting around that really quickly.

The problem with Friendcaster is depending on your friends' individual security settings you may not see any of their posts in your feed on that app. If they have "Block all third party apps" (or whatever)checked, that would include FC unfortunately. Too bad because I really like the interface.

Well, it helps. Is it an improvement over the app we had before the update? Yes. Is it an improvement over what we had 6 months ago? No. Still, any forward progress is good, even if it's just digging out of a hole Facebook made themselves.

" If history repeats, we should see an update to fix this update any time now."

ahahah, well played

so we don't get a changelog?

One thing I've noticed with my app is when someone posts a photo, and I click on the "X comments" link to see all of the comments posted, it always takes me to the photo itself instead of the comments. And there is no way to get to the comments from within the photo itself.

Instead, to view comments, I have to hit the + button and then hit the "add comment" button.

Why can't they fix this? It has been like that for some time.

actually from within the photo, if you tap the photo again, the option to go to the comments should appear at the bottom of the screen. agree it is annoying

I just hope that it brings back the option to select a folder to upload a photo... Since three versions back I must upload to my news feed and then move them to the appropriate folder.

i despise Facebook and i'm angry that my carrier requires me to have this bloatware on my phone and won't let me uninstall it and requires me to constantly update it and add more bloat. same goes for NASCAR, Blockbuster, Amazon MP3, NFL, and the list goes on.


I'd just be happy if this POS didn't register itself as a service and WOULD have a QUIT button, setting .. whatever. I don't want it running 24/7 ... I'm NOT 14 and do not need to put my whole life in the "cloud" or specifically THEIR cloud. It's always been an Android fail that apps can't just be closed and they DIE until the icon is tapped again.

Don't defend it ... apps shouldn't autostart or restart themselves when killed.

Idk about you all but I sure miss those days when my calendar would tell me my friends' upcoming birthday. Anyone knows a reliable work around? I've been trying a few apps but none seem to sync my fb account with my Google calendar.

I love it. Even though it still doesn't have some 'basic' features that you'd think this app would have. Haha.

*forgets the sync problem*
Well there's a new notification icon that complies with Google's recent ICS app design guidelines.