Samsung Galaxy Note

Here's a great demo of the drawing capabilities on the Samsung Galaxy Note, that gianormous 5.3-inch uber-drawing/notetaking smartphone. Of course, you're going to need some sort of artistic talent to begin with, but you get a sense of how detailed you can get with the stylus. Check it out after the break.

Via Softpedia; Thanks, Peter!


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Drawing on the Samsung Galaxy Note


Why did Samsung bothering going. The German courts order them to remove there demos and billboards thanks to apple lawsuit
Any insight on that Mr phil?

I never saw myself wanting a phone on the premise that bigger=better, but I'm inexplicably stricken by this thing. I want to make it my next phone so badly...Also how do they get the stylus to work that well and that precisely?

The screen has both a capacitive and resistive panel.
When using the stylus, a magnetic sensor switches the screen to the ladder, which offers much greater precision and also pressure-sensitivity.

Looks nice, I was curious about how well the stylus worked. It would be fun to play with but I don't need a big phone/tiny tablet.

This device just proves that if Dell knew how to market their phones, the Streak may have actually done well. I don't hear meany people crying about a 5" screen when they see this device.

Dell streak was thick and had huge bezel. It's not marketing that was a problem, it was the hardware.

I don't think though that the actual size of the screen was the problem. People complaints with it was from my searches was the software and hardware( internal specs) of it. It did fit good enough in your pocket, Unless your a skinny jeans person... :O)

Launching with 1.6 when 2.2 was out didn't help either. Very excited about the Note. If we don't get it in the US at launch, just use any AT&T upgrade due on an iPhone 5 and sell it on CL or eBay to help your financial cause. The Note will be a $299 - $350 phone on contract I suspect. Hopefully only $650 unlocked (that's a little optimistic considering the unlocked pricing on the GSII and Nexus S). This is the first phone that I would not hesitate to give the original Tab up for. Big phone = big battery and that is really tough to give up.

I thought the Note has a better digitizer integrated so you wouldn't have to change the thickness of the pen manually in the software?

Apple's law suit is a bunch of bull shit. Any Tablet is going to be square and look like a tablet. Saying that customers are demanding lightweight, very thin products. Is Samsung being forced into making a product that will not sell in today's demanding market?? This court must have their hands in Apple's pocket or some shady crap is going on. Apple did not invent anything, all those so called patterns have been stolen and or sneaky ass deals have been made to screw the competition. I do not like sneaky, Apple has turned very sneaky and this will come back to hurt them. They have gone so far as to fake pictures of so called products to make them look like their's. Samsung has made some fantastic products, much better then Apple's IMO, that is what the entire problem is, I own the 10.1 Samsung Tablet and going to buy the Samsung GS2 (European model with cursor) I will never buy anything with Apple on it again.

I do generally agree with you about what apple is trying to pull, but the court is just doing what they should at this point.

There is nothing in the way of an actual decision yet, only a preliminary injunction. Apple's burden of proof there is significantly less than it will be in the actual case.

I have a very hard time believing that apple will actually prevail on their claims in the end. There are probably one or two of the technical patents that may come into play but for the most part apple's minimalistic design and own marketing power is going to kill any other part of their case.

The other court (Netherlands I think), the judge threw out all other charges except for the gallery (which on my Charge looks to be the standard 2.2 gallery). He even went so far as to say that because of it's(iPad/iPhone) minimal design, that there was no design to protect. Add to that, the fact that Apple Lawyers decided to manipulate pictorial evidence to make the GTab 10.1 look more like an iPad. And I would hope that the charges are refused. Which would be a very public blow to Apple, even if only in the business world. It would in a way signify that the iPhone is truly second best.

not to mention the fact that all sorts of Sci-Fi TV shows from decades past have had tablet like devices that look strikingly similar to tablets today. You can't really patent the iPad when star trek the next generation had the PADD 20 years ago.

I think Apple as a product is top notch. However with this law suit stuff they are ridiculous and just turns me even more off there products. I see so many things out there that copy Apple's look to the T but haven't herd any news on their court date's. Guess Sammy must really got them worried... The only thing I own is a Mini 4gb Ipod that i keep only for the songs that i can't transfer over to my new computer or else it would have been gone... Sammy & Sprint for life !
lol E4GT soon to be owner...

I really want this phone/tablet! I'm with Sprint and would even consider changing to use this. I have an Epic 4G now and love it. This is the first phone I have had a real desire for since. I have always wanted a hard keyboard but at this size, in landscape it should be perfectly fine to type on.

You and me both. A device like this might be enough to bring me back to Android from WP7, even. I guess we'll have to wait for the reviews, but this device is the first generation of my perfect mobile device.

Reminds me of the Microsoft Courier. That's definitely a good thing.

I like this size. Would be great if this is the VZW Galaxy S II

Obviously not for everyone. But I have big hands and the DX2, Charge and TBolt feel nice, but not too big. I would appreciate the screen real estate.

I really really want this tablet/phone! It's really a perfect size. Fits into your pockets easily, allows note scribbling which eliminates the need for a notebook, and just nice for one handed usage. Once this is out my galaxy tab 7 incher will become my girlfriend's.

This is WAY too BIG to be a phone! ........I WANT IT!

I clicked on a couple of the video links and watched some more footage. This scrolled so smooth and looked nice. My wish would be, this be a ICS device, with no buttons on front by the time it hits the U.S.. Is their a slot on the device to put the stylus or pen or what ever it's called. I could totally use this at meetings (note to self: remember to put phone on silent before meeting.) Does anybody know about radios in the Note, I'm looking for an AT&T device.