Android Central Podcast - Galaxy Nexus Special

Here's the deal. We're just as excited about you are about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus finally hitting Verizon this week. It's about damn time, even if Verizon still hasn't officially said anything. No matter. It's coming this week. (It better come this week.)

So on Thursday night's edition of the Greatest Android Podcast in the World, we're only going to talk about the Galaxy Nexus. But even better than that, we're only going to answer your questions. Yeah, the user manual's floating around. Yeah, you've read the prelease theads. But we've got two people who have been living the Galaxy Nexus for weeks now, and more who have been swimming in Ice Cream Sandwich. It's time to really pick our brains.

Here's how to ask us about the Galaxy Nexus, the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, or anything else having to do with Verizon, galaxies or the odd celestial nexus:

This is going to be fun. Or end with someone in tears. But it won't be me, because I know to get to the settings by pulling down the notification bar. And knowing is half the battle.


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Coming up Thursday night: We're answering all your Verizon Galaxy Nexus questions live!


Read: After Thursday, we do not want to hear anymore damn questions about this phone so get them all out now...

And it is OK Phil, I have a DX and I was wondering how I was going to deal with one less button as well and learned something from last weeks Podcast. Your not the only one.

Today at 6:30 EST a *611 rep from Verizon read the announcement off her computer to me that said that the release date is the 9th. Seems pretty official to me.