Best Buy Galaxy Nexus

Shhhhh. Don't tell anybody, but Best Buy's starting to get its Samsung Galaxy Nexus stock today. And don't bother asking, though, cause they can't tell you that it's starting to get its Galaxy Nexus stock today. But we can, and we did.

Now only if we knew when it was going to be released. Hmmmmmmmm.

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Best Buy getting its Galaxy Nexus stock starting today (but don't tell anyone)


The Best Buy I used to work at accidentally pre-sold a Windows 7 laptop....our store post voided the transaction (aka basically gave the PC away after the fact) to avoid the fine and deep shit we would be in with corporate.

$60 in BB gift cards, $20 in reward zone certificates, my last upgrade discount, and a much-needed planned vacation day. This is going to be a terrific Friday.

Edit: That wasn't meant to be a brag. I've been due for an upgrade since August so this is just a welcomed catharsis.

i confirmed with 3 verizon corp stores in MIssoula, Montana (no 4g LTE coverage) today, all managers said with a great deal of certainty that it will be sold dec. 9th. The smallest of the three on UofM campus said they had exactly 5 to sell on friday. Mind you, this is a small campus store, and she was fairly certain on stock count and when I could come in and purchase the phone. nothing official from Verizon yet, yes, but who cares, this is as close as it gets to an official announcement for me. i am 99.9% sure it launches on the 9th in verizon corp stores nation wide. cant wait! just saying.

"...Information should be available soon for the Galaxy Nexus, however, we don't currently have any information to share".

So basically Best Buy is asking it's employee's to lie to their customers,...nice. This is just silly. This phone is going to flop just like the last two, due to all of the shenanigans it has encountered and the lack of promotion this phone deserves. And by flop, I mean that they did not reach the masses. To this day, I have yet to see one person with a Nexus. NOT ONE! And yes, I get out much. And I live in NJ! I don't get it. If consumers don't know about a product that will soon become available, how do you expect it to be successful? One of the reasons why the iPhone is so successful, is because of it's marketing, not because its simply a great phone. Most people don't even know what their iPhone is capable of. They just have one because marketing has made it look cool to have. I mean, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. But what I've noticed from the last two Nexus phones is that they didn't receive the marketing required to make it a success. When is Google going to figure this out? Let me put it this way: STOP LETTING THE CARRIERS PROMOTE YOUR PHONE! THEY. SUCK. AT. IT. PERIOD! What Verizon doesn't realize, is that it is a privilege to be able to carry this phone, not the other way around. And obviously Google doesn't realize this either. But had Google marketed the phone properly, they would have.

While I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, why do you think it's a "privilege" to carry the phone. And in the very next sentence, you say that Google doesn't realize the privilege either.....

It's a phone, dude. Wow, some Nexus people are worse than Jesusphone people.

Really? You honestly don't see how it is a privilege to have this phone on this network? O.k., I humor you. Let's take the iPhone for instance. Before it came out on AT&T, they really didn't have anything that enticing to draw in the customers. The original Razor and BB were the two juggernaughts on the scene, which you could get on any carrier. Along comes the iPhone and it's exclusivity to AT&T only. And I'm not sure if you know this but Apple originally approached Verizon first, (which turned out to be the biggest mistake in Verizon history). I say that to say this: although you are correct in that it is just a phone, just imagine what would have happened if Verizon hadn't turned Apple down.

In essence, the GNexus could have been to Verizon what the iPhone was to AT&T. But because it wasn't marketed properly, it will be just another phone. And yes, even Google doesn't realize it's own product's potential. Let's face it, the only people clamoring for this phone are people who like myself visit websites like this, which is a small, small percent of the world's total population. Simply put, Google needs to advertise their own product, just like Apple does with the iPhone. They won't ever realize the full potential until they do.

It IS just a phone. But then again so was the iPhone. And without the iPhone, AT&T wouldn't be who it is today.

That's because people in NJ are to busy fist pumping and greasing up their hair. My idiot and I mean idiot, brother in law has a Nexus S; because a rep at sprint told him it was better then an EVO.If that's not "masses" a.k.a. mouth breathers, then I don't know what is.

I don’t understand why companies like Best Buy would not want people knowing that they have the devices ahead of time. Wouldn’t it be a good thing for customers to know that they have them and are ready to sell them as soon as it’s launched?

LOL good thinking Best Buy, if you have something for your 60,000 poorly paid employees to keep a secret, be sure to put "THIS IS A SECRET" on the top of it. That will make sure it stays under wraps. Or, the first person to see it will take a screenshot and post it to a forum, i guess it could go either way.

I love you androidcentral, I have 8 new 10 Cent apps and a constant source of confidential news on the latest and greatest Android device! You guys are the perfect home page!!

I went with the Galaxy S2... Kinda know what you're gonna get with that. No guessing or wondering. Plus its on Verizon, that's almost a car payment. No thanks! I'll get the next Gen of the Nexus line...

i was just told i can pre order and it will be overnighted to the store!!! im in texas city. the sales rep sent me a text and then i called her back! when i get off worky im there!!!!

Just for info, wife called one of our stores here in Houston. Guy said they weren't holding any phones for anyone but there wouldn't be a problem as he says they're getting "tons".

You know I want this phone pretty bad. First phone I've seen since the Incredible that is worth spending my money on. But just for laughs I would like to see these forums if they didn't go on sale Friday....oh the hilarity would be insane....

This could be just a fluke but the BB here in Vacaville, CA put me on hold to see if they were in stock. She wouldn't confirm or deny they were in stock(to me that means they are) but stated we are not allowed to sell them until Thursday the 8th.

The launch is gonna be a dud... Or not as lively... Too many phones on Verizon for this particular one to stand out... They should name it the Galaxy Nex-Time!