Samsung Galaxy Note

The wait for Android 4.0 on Canadian Galaxy Note's (Android 4.0.4 to be precise) is now over for the most part. Samsung issued a press release yesterday, letting folks know rollout would start today and low and behold, they were right. TELUS and Bell customers are now getting the update pushed to their devices via OTA and if OTA isn't really your thing, the update is also available for download via Kies. On Rogers? Shout out in the comments if you see it pop up on a Rogers device, because we've not heard word of it landing on those as of yet.

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nyles68 says:

Just updated my Rogers NOTE to 4.0.4. Works fine. Interesting premium apps. No S Note whatsoever. 4.0.4 is quite snappy though. Lets see if Bell/Telus did the same thing with the premium apps.

nulldog#AC says:

Got the Bell update this morning.

Noticing that the "Live Wallpaper Picker" has issues.

Robt121 says:

Got the Bell update this morning as well. I'm having issues with sound volume. It seems that it's only half the volume even on full. At least for ringers and notifications. And no premium suite either...but S Note is available for download from Samsung app store after I searched.

kristyfiddes says:

I'm with Rogers and my Note is currently updating to 4.0.4.

LCW says:

Makes one wonder when will the Note get 4.1.1 :-/

n-strike says:

:O FINALLY, upgrading my Rogers Note now!

T3chnic133 says:

Super happy for the all of the Note users but I'm disappointed that my stock Bell GNex is still running 4.0.1.