The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be announced in just a little over a month at MWC in Barcelona, and there's a lot we're expecting from the phone – including an adjustable camera aperture, Snapdragon 845 processor, even slimmer bezels, and more. Leading up to its launch, a video new has popped up that supposedly shows someone getting a bit of hands-on time with the Galaxy S9.

In the video, we can see someone testing out the touch sensitivity of the S9 with a screen protector installed by quickly tapping different buttons on the keyboard. We don't get a very clear look at the phone since the clip is just 10 seconds long and is at a maximum resolution of 240p (🤢), but something we can see for sure is that Samsung's Infinity Display is front and center just like on the Galaxy S8.

However, is this truly a video of the Galaxy S9? While it's certainly possible that early units of the S9 are out in the wild, the video in question doesn't show enough for me to say for certain one way or another. It's certainly exciting to think that this may be our first hands-on look at Samsung's latest flagship, but it's also possible that this could be a dummy unit.

In any case, do you plan on buying the Galaxy S9 when it's released?

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