LG G Watch R or Moto 360

Now that we've got not one but two round Android Wear smartwatches in play — that'd be the Moto 360 and the recently-teased LG G Watch R, it's understandable if you're suddenly having second thoughts about where your loyalties lie.

Of course, we've yet to actually see the LG G Watch R (and that name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, if in fact it's the official moniker), or strap one on. The Moto 360, however? Been there, done that, badly wanting the final product. (Which we should see in just another week or so.)

But it's not too early to make uninformed decisions. And so we ask you: Is the prospect of the LG G Watch R starting to sway you Moto 360 faithful?

We'll be live from LG's event at IFA next week in Berlin for the full scoop. Stay tuned.