After purchasing the MyTouch 3G and taking some time to set it up the way that you see best, it's time to take a look at some of the accessories that can help add to the amazing experience you are having with the device already. You wouldn't want to be the one driving around with a dead battery in the car, or a screen with a scratch on it, would you?  Whether in the market for a new bluetooth headset, a car charger, an extended battery to get you through the day, or just a case to add some protection, we got all the options for you.

Whether you chose the Fender Limited Edition or one of the standard black or white versions of the housing, you are sure going to want to protect it from anything that could potentially happen. Maybe cases just aren't your thing, but come on, atleast give the screen a change at living a scratch free life, would ya? Keep it powered on the go with some extra USB cables, wall chargers and car chargers, and while your at it, why not add a media card so you can store all your favorite images and songs to carry on the go.

 Take a minute to look at some great accessories that are offered for the MyTouch 3G.

MyTouch 3G accessories at the Android Central Store

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