The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one hell of an Android smartphone, to be sure. But one of the bigger gripes many have about it is that you have to remove a flap over the microUSB port before you can charge the thing. That's a byproduct of its IP67 rating against dust and water — you've got to keep things sealed up.

You have a number of options for wireless charging on your Galaxy S5 though.

Probably the easiest is the S Charger Cover. It keeps the same look and feel as the stock Galaxy S5, but it does make things just a wee bit thicker. And, of course, it adds wireless charging to your Galaxy S5.

There's also a Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover for the Galaxy S5. You get the same wireless charging for your Galaxy S5, plus the added protection of the S-View Flip Case, with its see-through window for receiving notifications and doing some basic interactions with the phone.

And those are just two of the official Samsung Galaxy S5 wireless charging accessories. There are plenty of third party wireless charging accessories out there as well.

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Wireless Charging on the Galaxy S5

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