Do you have any idea how many batteries you've thrown away over the course of your lifetime? Maybe it's better if we didn't know. Rechargeable batteries offer reusable power, and they're not too expensive anymore either. Take this RAVPower Rechargeable Battery Bundle at Amazon for example. It comes with eight rechargeable AA batteries and a battery charger for $24, though clipping the on-page coupon and using promo code 7LE9TJCD during checkout even saves you $13 off its cost for a limited time. At only $10.99, you'll be paying near what a regular 8-pack of AA batteries would cost at a brick-and-mortar store, but these ones won't need to be thrown away and replaced anytime soon.

Take Charge

RAVPower Rechargeable AA Batteries (8-Pack) and Battery Charger

Quit running out of disposable batteries and switch to using rechargeable ones instead. By entering the following code, you'll score eight AA batteries and a charger to power them back up at 50% off!

$12.99 $23.99 $11 off

With coupon: 7LE9TJCD

The included RAVPower smart battery charger is built to charge up to 4 AA or AAA batteries simultaneously. That means you can recharge not just the included AA batteries you'll recieve in today's purchase, but also any rechargeable AAA batteries you buy in the future. Built-in protections against short-circuting and overcharging help to keep things safe while your batteries are powering up, and there are also integrated LED indicator lights which will glow green to show when your batteries are fully charged.

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Each of the batteries you'll receive is capable of being recharged up to 1,000 times, and they're also said to retain 70% of their charge even after a whole year of not being used. RAVpower also includes a micro-USB cable with this purchase; rather than plugging this battery charger into a wall socket like most options, you plug it into a USB port using the included cable. That means you could even use it while camping or traveling if you had a portable power bank with you.

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