Best Universal Remote for NVIDIA Shield TV Android Central 2020

The NVIDIA Shield TV (2019) is the best Android TV box you can get. The traingular remote that comes in the box is pretty good, but there are better options available if you're looking for an all-in-one solution to control other devices. These are the best universal remotes you can get for your Shield TV (2019).

A truly great remote: Logitech Harmony Companion

Staff pick

The Harmony Companion is my favorite universal remote, hands-down. It comes with the Harmony Hub, so it'll hook into the internet via your Wi-Fi and do all the connected home stuff. You can also set up groups of things to turn on along with the Shield TV, so you can game with some great lighting, or set the mood when you're watching a movie.

$100 at Amazon

The best money can buy: Logitech Harmony Elite

The Harmony Elite is a huge upgrade from the Companion, with a price tag to go with it. Paying this much for a remote control is nuts, but you not only get a remote that can do everything, it also looks so cool with that color touchscreen. Simply put, this is the best universal remote in the market today.

$267 at Amazon

Hey Alexa, turn on the TV: Logitech Harmony Express

The Harmony Express is interesting because it has Alexa built in, allowing you to control devices around your house by issuing voice commands. There aren't quite as many controls on the remote as the Harmony Elite, but if you're looking for a solution that ties into Amazon's ecosystem, the Harmony Express is the remote for you.

$245 at Amazon

A different take: Caavo Control Center

Caavo's Control Center is an interesting alternative that works out of the box with the Shield TV and most TV/home theater brands. What sets this remote apart is that you can search both live TV channels and streaming services at the same time.

$160 at Amazon

There's only one brand you should consider

Logitech Harmony remotesSource: Phil Nickinson/CordCutters

Logitech's Harmony lineup is the only viable alternative if you're looking for a universal remote to use with your NVIDIA Shield TV (2019). The Shield TV lacks IR, and the remote that's bundled in the box works over Bluetooth. The fact that there's no IR connectivity makes most options incompatible with the Shield TV.

The Harmony remotes listed above, however, work over Wi-Fi by pairing with the Harmony hub. You'll have to plug the hub to your router via an Ethernet cable, and it allows you to control a wide variety of devices — including light bulbs and other smart home gear — with the Harmony remote or even from your phone. The Harmony Companion is a fantastic way to get started with the ecosystem, as you get the Hub along with a great remote that works over IR and Bluetooth.

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